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Raegwyn vient à bout du Roi Liche en solo (2nd mondial)

Le 04 août 2011 à 21:12, par

Bonsoir à tous !

Après Mionelol, un nouveau joueur est parvenu à tuer le Roi Liche en solo. Il se nomme Raegwyn et il joue un… Chevalier de la mort (évidemment) !

Dans la description de la vidéo, il raconte que le défi était pratiquement insurmontable. Toutes ses tentatives lui ont coûté plus de 9000 pièces d’or de réparation, des tonnes de tambours, flacons, etc.

Enfin, pour ceux qui souhaiteraient reproduire l’exploit, il a laissé un petit guide dans la description de la vidéo. C’est en anglais mais si quelqu’un souhaite le traduire en français, n’hésitez pas à me l'envoyer par mail ^^

Le Roi Liche en solo : stratégie (Anglais)

Phase 1

You need to be an engineer and put a Taunt Doll at a specific time to get the Necrotic Plague since Tanks normally dont get it. Rest is just Cooldown rotating for Infest while pulling most Dps of the whole fight.
(there is also a way without beeing engineer but you will waste like 30 seconds with 0 dps)

Transition Phase 1 - Phase 2

GHOSTS Attack!
First of all you need to get rid of the necrotic plague because you will have some ghouls left. you can do this with chains of ice on the last one AMS while he dies or a Dispellpot after you got it with no ghouls left
Next thing is just dpsing the ghosts

Phase 2

Lk comes again and will infest you while you still have a ghost that silences you sometimes you NEED to use cooldowns to survive the infest because you will probably not be above 90% but you cant use cooldowns while silenced so tight timing of AMS between silences is necessary.
After the last ghost died you can use the time to 40% with maximising your dps like i mention below. you wont get much dmg at that time

Transition Phase 2 - Phase 3

Basically the same as P1-P2 but with one more Ghost to kill.
The good thing is LK wont cast Infest in the next phase so you can use all cooldowns you need, but save AMS for next phase

Phase 3

beginning of this Phase is critical the wipe situation.
You will still have 2 Ghosts left and Lk will cast some Vile Spirits in the Air
when they come and you dont have AMS they will just destroy ~60% of your life and thats a lot when you add it to the damage of 2 Ghosts and LK. Its a bit lucky if you are silenced or if you can use AMS when the first Vile Spirits hit you. If you were able to kill all left ghosts the fight is just a "Beat the enrage"
you cant die at this point without failing damn hard so use that time to maximise your Dps at the last 30% you need to do.

Dps Increasing Tricks i used

  • Vengeance : Vengeance is mighty (stand in Defile, dont use damage decreasing cooldowns in the easy survivable parts (P2 and P3 after the ghosts are dead), Reforge mastery to something else and use /cancelaura bloodshield macro whenever you can afford it.)
  • Glyph of Death Strike : ALL Blood DKs use that glyph but most dont try to benefit from it
  • Try to keep your runepower as high as possible but use runestrike when you get capped
  • Keep Dark Command on Cooldown. It can procc Bloodworms, Trinkets and Weap enchants
  • Use the right gear/Specc: One of the hardest things is to find the right combination between surviving and Dpsing. You can just improve your combination after you tried a boss and saw what you could need (more Dmg or more survivability)
  • Another thing that is worth mentioning is that this fight was the first time i ever used glyph of vampiric blood
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