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[Patch 4.2] Alysrazor et Majordome Forteramure 25 en vidéo

Dimanche 29 mai 2011 à 11h10, par

Salut à tous,

Cette nuit, les joueurs ont pu affronter Alysrazor et Majordome Forteramure en monde 25 joueurs sur les Royaumes de Test. Voici des vidéos réalisées par Enigma et ReckoningWow.

On retiendra qu’Alysrazor a la même apparence que la fameuse monture volante du patch 4.2, le "Phoenix de feu"

Et voici la description du combat en anglais :

Alysrazor (25 man) - one of the earlier bosses of the new Firelands dungeon, which is currently in the process of being tested on the Public Test Realms. This was attempted by Enigma (Deathwing US), joined by Obsidium (Frostmane US), and Exordium (Eredar US). This fight has 4 stages, all of which can be seen here. After stage 4 concludes, she returns to stage 1 and everything repeats until the boss is dead. In this attempt we reached around 50% health.

There are feathers to pick up which give players a movement buff as well as being able to cast on the go. With three feathers, players can fly and chase around the boss while trying to go through rings to get a really nice haste buff that stacks 25 times. All in all this is a very fun fight!

Note: Known bugs so far are that the Talon Initiates can't always be seen when they first appear, though it can be seen in the video that they will appear once you are close enough to them. Also the Tornadoes in p2 currently have health bars and can be targeted/killed, which is unintended.

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