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Patch 4.2 : Correctifs - 19 juillet

Mercredi 20 juil. 2011 à 14h38, par

Lors de la maintenance de cette matinée, Blizzard a apporté une nouvelle vague de correctifs concernant principalement les Donjons et les Raids.

Outre le retour des points de vaillance dans les raids T11 (voir la news de hier), Blizzard nous fait savoir qu'une série de correctifs mineurs a été apportée aux boss des Terres de Feu.

Un peu plus inutile (mais malheureusement indispensable), vous ne pourrez désormais plus spam en "/dire" et en "/crier". En effet, le nombre de messages que vous pouvez envoyer dans ces canaux est désormais limité.

Voici le détail de ces hotfixes en Anglais :

  • General
    • The frequency at which players can use /yell, /say, and any emotes is now throttled to prevent excessive spamming of chat logs from occurring.
  • Classes
    • Death Knights
      • Improved Death Strike now provides 40/80/120% bonus damage, up from 30/60/90%, and a 10/20/30% critical strike bonus, up from 3/6/9%.
    • Druids
      • Flight Form now cancels the Leyara’s Locket buff.
      • Moonfire will now generate Lunar Energy when crossing from Solar to Lunar on the Eclipse bar.
  • Dungeons & Raids
    • All bosses in The Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, and Throne of the Four Winds once again award Valor Points in all raid sizes and difficulties. 10-player bosses award 35 Valor Points, while 25-player bosses award 45 Valor Points. This change does not apply to Argaloth in Baradin Hold. More information can be found here.
    • Firelands
      • Superheated cannot be cast on players, even if they attack the Flamewaker Animators as they are channeling energy towards the Unstable Magma.
      • Alysrazor
        • Collecting Blazing Power now refreshes Wings of Flame to its full duration each time.
        • Alysrazor will now always face the correct direction during Firestorm.
        • Imprinted should now be cleared from characters under all conditions when the encounter resets.
        • Interacting with a Molten Feather will now dismount characters, preventing the feather from being wasted.
      • Beth’tilac
        • Beth'tilac will now only eat spiderlings that move very close to her (the range on her ability to consume them has been reduced). In addition, eaten spiderlings will no longer sometimes remain on the ground or on players once she consumes them.
        • Drones should no longer evade or aggro characters on top of the web.
        • Fixate now truly fixates on random targets.
      • Ragnaros
        • On 25-player Heroic difficulty, Cloudbursts will now always properly apply Deluge to 3 players before fading away.
        • It should always be possible to interact with Cloudbursts, even if several players click on one at the same time.
  • Items
    • Heroic bind-on-equip items now sell to vendors for gold.
    • PvP
      • Arenas
        • A resolution has been put into place which should help alleviate Rated Battleground matchmaking delays. This fix corrects an issue that could occur if a team at the front of the queue was particularly difficult to match, resulting in a bottleneck which slowed matchmaking for all players in queue. More information can be found here.
  • Quests & Creatures
    • The melee evasion angle of several creatures has been adjusted. Most notably, melee classes should no longer be seeing abilities, such as Backstab or Shred, getting parried when standing well enough out of Ragnaros’s melee evasion angle, or other bosses/creatures with similar evasion angles.


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