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Patch 4.1 : Hotfix sur les Royaumes live

Jeudi 02 juin 2011 à 11h48, par

Salut à tous,

Il y a eu une petite mise à jour sur les royaumes live (4.1). Pour le moment, les informations ne sont disponibles qu’en Anglais.

Je posterai les notes françaises quand elles seront mises en ligne !

  • Classes

    • Stationary ground effects should no longer move with the casting character if he or she moves (or is moved) from his or her current location.
    • Warlock

      • It is no longer possible under specific circumstances for players to keep the buff from the now-defunct Improved Demonic Tactics talent.
      • Glyph of Imp should not be increasing the spell damage of all warlock pets by 20%.
  • Dungeons & Raids

  • Professions

    • Archaeology

      • The Bountiful Bags guild perk should no longer sometimes incorrectly reward Archaeologists with multiple keystones from dig sites.
    • Skinning

      • Players can no longer continue gaining Skinning skill points using low-level creatures below the intended skill threshold.
  • PvP

    • Arenas

      • It should no longer be possible under specific conditions for the Matchmaking Value shown at the end of an Arena match to be incorrect.
    • Battlegrounds

      • Several changes have been made to Battleground queuing to improve the flow for those who queue for random Battlegrounds versus those who queue for specific ones.
      • The ability for players to retain a second queue for a Battleground after they’ve already entered one has been removed. Previously, players were able to queue for two Battlegrounds, have one queue pop and retain their second queue while they decided if they wanted to join the one that was ready. This is no longer the case. When a Battleground queue pops players will automatically be removed from all other active queues. To queue for a different Battleground it will be necessary to finish the match and queue again. This solves a design issue in that the old system gave players an opening to abandon their teammates if things weren’t going as well as they’d hoped; and it also solves some queue system inconsistencies that were being caused as a side effect of how the old system functioned.
  • Races

    • The goblin racial Best Deals Anywhere should now only be applying to vendors with associated reputations. It no longer incorrectly applies to vendors with no attached reputations, nor does it apply to flight path costs. (Note: the displayed costs for flight paths require a client-side patch to update and are not currently reflecting this racial change). In addition, it is no longer possible for goblin characters exalted with their guild to receive an extra discount on top of the exalted faction discount from guild vendors.
  • Quests & Creatures

    • Gilneas

      • Genn Greymane should now always correctly enter The Battle for Gilneas City, ensuring the event won’t sometimes stall during the final phase.

Source : Blizzard et Wowhead

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