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Battle for Azeroth Alpha : dialogues dataminés [SPOILERS]

Jeudi 08 févr. 2018 à 13h43, par


Avec la sortie de l'alpha de Battle for Azeroth, un grand nombre de nouveaux textes et de dialogues ont été dataminés. Ils apportent des informations intéressantes concernant l'histoire de Battle for Azeroth, de ses zones et de ses personnages.

On en apprend ainsi plus sur l'accueil de Jaina à Kul Tiras, les premières actions d'Azshara et de ses nagas dans l'extension, le conflit entre Rastakhan et Zul à Zandalar ou encore l'incendie de Teldrassil, la bataille pour Lordaeron et la fuite de Hurlevent.

Vous pouvez retrouver dans cet article les dialogues dataminés et rassemblés par Wowhead, ainsi que des réumés des points les plus importants. Bien entendu, ils sont susceptibles de vous spoiler.


L'incendie de Teldrassil

  • L'armée de la Horde, dirigée par Sylvanas, Saurcroc et Nathanos, attaque Teldrassil.
  • Ils sont confrontés à une armée dirigée par Malfurion Hurlorage, ainsi que des feux follets.
  • Saurcroc se dirige à Gangrebois avec quelques troupes afin de trouver un accès à Sombrivage depuis les montagnes.
  • Une route cachée se trouve à Gangrebois afin de ravitailler Long-Guet. Elle est utilisée par des contrebandiers que Nathanos semble devoir aller rencontrer.
  • Sylvanas est accompagnée de 200 soldats et de plusieurs machines de sièges.
  • Un Elfe de la nuit déguisé en troll et voulant faire n'importe quoi pour venger Teldrassil à un rapport à transmettre, sûrement à l'Alliance.
Illustration de l'incendie de Teldrassil

Illustration de l'incendie de Teldrassil

Wisps are dangerous only in large numbers, can we kill enough them Warchief?
Not enough to matter. But we can disperse them.
Saurfang, take some of our troops and go into Felwood. Find or make path over the mountain into Darkshore, but leave the siege weapons under my command.
We will squeeze Malfurion from both sides.
How many smugglers do you know, Blightcaller?
I beg your pardon?
I am not so naive to believe that Everlook gets all of its cargo via ship routes from Azshara. There has to be a hidden route somewhere through Felwood.
Most smugglers will not want the attention of the high overlord, but I do know of somebody who is more loyal to the horde than their profits.
Then it is decided. Saurfang, Nathanos - you are to leave at once.
$n, let's keep the remainder of Malfurion's army busy.

Anything for the Warchief. I will gather the guards to clear the docks immediately. Lok'tar, friend.
Two hundred soldiers with the Warchief, you say? I will prepare the outpost for her arrival.
The Warchief needs rations and lodging for at least two hundred soldiers. The will arrive momentarily.
We must make room for the arrival of the Warchief's fleet. Can you clear the docks?
Commander, the Warchief asks that you prepare your outpost for an incoming army of at least two hundred.

I said I'd do anything to avenge Teldrassil. Pretending to be a troll, evidently, is anything. Here's my report.
Can you believe some people think trolls and night elves are related? This has been an awful experience. Here's my report.
I will not fail the Alliance. Even if I had to sit in mud for three days to get this. Please, take my report.
Let no one say I gave nothing for the war effort. Here's my report.

Bataille pour Lordaeron

  • En réponse à l'agression de la Horde sur Teldrasil, l'Alliance lance l'assaut sur Lordaeron et assiège Fossoyeuse.
  • La Horde n'est pas préparée pour une attaque de cette envergure.
  • L'Alliance tente de capturer le Chef de Guerre.
  • Fossoyeuse est infestée d'espions du SI-7, que les joueurs de la Horde doivent éliminer.
  • La priorité pour la Horde est d'envoyer les civils en sécurité à Orgrimmar.
  • Jaina prend part à la bataille, ainsi que Genn, Anduin, Mekkatorque et Alleria.
  • La Horde bat en retraite jusque Fossoyeuse. Les forces de l'Alliance prennent la ville de Brill et préparent le siège.
  • L'issue de la bataille est incertaine. Les machines de siège de l'Alliance n'arrivent pas à percer les murs d'enceinte de la cité.

Plus d'informations sur les scénarios de la bataille pour Lordaeron.

Les ruines de Lordaeron après la bataille

Les ruines de Lordaeron après la bataille

Is that all you've got, Banshee Queen?!
Ahhhh, what have we here? Has the Lion of Stormwind finally come out to play? You have no idea what you're up against, boy king. We have only just begun!

Siege Engine ready fer action!
King Anduin is leading the assault! Push past the reserves and secure the battlefield! Godspeed, heroes!
Brothers and sisters of the Alliance, hear me now!
We are standing the precipice of glory!
We stand as one in solidarity for those who were lost at the battle for Teldrassil - for the families who have lost their homelands.
With this act of war, it is clear that we must fight for the survival of our next hundred generations.

The blight is far too dangerous, my king! We must focus on the living!

The dead are rising! We must evacuate the wounded!
This is the end, Sylvanas will finally answer for her crimes. Champions to my side...
The Alliance gains no victory if the Warchief escapes. Capturing her is the only way to win this war.
The horde is falling back again? What is their strategy here?

Soldiers of the Horde, hear me!
As you know, SI:7 spies have been lurking in our cities. They are among us now as we speak.
The Undercity is not safe. We need your help evacuating its citizens!
We've isolated their location to the Mage District and locked down the rest of the Undercity.
You are to flush them out of hiding, eliminate them, and get our civilians to safety in Orgrimmar. Lok'tar ogar!

So be it. Champions - with me. Mekkatorque, backtrack through the keep with the rest of our forces, and station them at Brill. Be ready to strike on my command.

You are right. Sylvanas did not have much time to prepare for this attack, but we cannot underestimate her.
Everyone, fall into position. We strike on my command!
Genn, I need you to cover our flank. It is too risky to funnel everyone through the side of the keep at once; there could be traps.
Yes, Anduin. I will watch for her arrival.

Alleria, thank the Light you've made it!
And just in time, it would seem. Mekkatorque, are you ready for battle?
I was born ready! I brought some extra machines as backup. Feel free to give'm a spin!
Jaina, Genn - help me with Nathanos and Lor'themar. Alleria, take the rest of our troops and focus on routing the army!
You got it! Champions - with me!
My machines are at your command!

That army is enormous... Give the word and I will abscond us to safety.
We must be willing to fight! To die for what we believe in!
Time is up for you, Prince Anduin!

Our siege machines are lost; we have not yet breached the wall. My king, I...
Father, help me. I need your guidance. I need... a miracle.

Your army is bested and it is only a matter of time before our siege towers bring the walls down around you! Surrender now, and stop the bloodshed!

La fuite de Hurlevent

  • Thalyssra, Rokhan nous accompagnent dans la prison de Hurlevent.
  • Il faut s'y infiltrer pour libérer des prisonniers de guerre de la Horde.
  • Il y a une entrée cachée à la prison dans le parc de Hurlevent.
  • La Horde parvient à s'échapper mais se fait rapidement rattraper par les soldats de la 7e légion.
  • Un incendie est déclenché à Hurlevent pour faire diversion, et la Horde parvient à s'échapper en direction de Zuldazar.

Plus d'informations sur le scénario de la fuite de Hurlevent.

La Horde doit s'infiltrer à Hurlevent pour sauver des membres importants

La Horde doit s'infiltrer à Hurlevent pour sauver des membres importants

Listen up. We won't be in contact once we're inside.
You, Thalyssra, and Rokhan will infiltrate the Stockades and extract the prisoners.
Our scouts located a hidden entrance in the park. The tauren and I will cover your escape.
We have no other objectives. There will be no reinforcements.
If you want to live, there can be no witnesses.
There's our way out. Get to that ship once you have the prisoners.
I'll find you. Good luck.
Deh 7th Legion be here. Whoever we breakin' out, deh humans not takin' chances.
I be goin' on ahead to find deh prisoners. Cover my back.
We will draw their attention. Be careful.
I t'ink you best be takin' dis.

We should pause a moment.
Surrender, and I will return you to the Stockades where you belong. There you will await the King's justice.
Respectfully, we have a boat to catch.
Then perish.
Let us not be hasty.
Surely you haven't failed to notice that your city is burning.
You can finish us, mere pawns of the Horde, or you can quench the flames that will otherwise burn Stormwind to the ground.
Your choice.
No... it can't be.
Tick tock.
The future is uncertain.
Come. We must away to Zuldazar.
We can discuss it on the way, Highness.
Seeing as how this is my ship and you at present have no other way to leave, I suppose you will need to adjust your plans.
I think not. I have orders to return you to the Warchief directly.

Azshara et les nagas

  • La reine Azshara complote avec un membre du conseil Zanchuli, la cour du roi Rastakhan.
  • Les Nagas attaquent les côtes de Zandalar pour récupérer un artefact nommé "L'anneau des marées".
  • Des Nagas se sont alliés avec Dame Ashvane de Boralus.
  • Katherine Portvaillant tente de l'arrêter avant qu'elle ne détruise la ville.
  • Dame Ashvane déclenche un raz-de-marée sur la ville et sème le chaos.
  • Dame Ashvane est le boss final du siège de Boralus, un donjon à 5 joueurs. Il est probable qu'il faille la vaincre, accompagnés de Katherine Portvaillant.
La reine Azshara et ses nagas sont impliqués à Kul Tiras et Zandalar

La reine Azshara et ses nagas sont impliqués à Kul Tiras et Zandalar

Deliver the letter to Nathanos Blightcaller at the Horde Embassy, in Dazar'alor. Queen Azshara is plotting with someone on the Zanchuli Council.
Her nefarious naga are not randomly attacking the coast, they are being directed.
Nathanos should know about this.

Sssecure the relicsss for the queen!
Desssstroy anything that emerges from the temple!
Crush anything that resssissstsss! For the glory of the Queen!
Newt claims this rocket makes a safe one way vehicle. The flimsy construction suggests otherwise.

The Feathered Vipers are known for their aggressive infestations, but this is getting out of hand! Destroy their eggs to keep their population in check.
Their numbers will recover, and quickly. They always have. Thank you for your efforts.
I have never heard of the Ring of Tides, but it must be powerful if Azshara is sending an army to retrieve it.
We will not be safe here much longer.

Azshara, don't abandon me...
You will fall under my sword!

I'll carve you to ribbons!
I'll shoot you through the heart!
I'll blast you to pieces!
Darkness take you!
No one escapes the maelstrom!
No! I will not be defeated! Azshara, aid me!
Ahahahaha! I am unstoppable!

For Queen Azshara!
Your flesh will feed the depths!
For the queen!
To the abyss with you!
Perish, landwalker!
I'll taste your blood, landwalker!

Queen Azshara, I implore you. Grant me the power to bring Borlaus to its knees!

Looks as if Boralus is already in its death throes.
Remember, the primary objective is recovering Lady Ashvane's weapons.
Though while we're here, may as well see what other treasures we can find.
I'll circle above and call out anything that looks interesting.
I've spotted one of Kul Tiran's finest rallying his troops in the courtyard ahead.
Defeating him will cause disorder among their ranks, making it easier for you to move through the city.
Ha! Look at them scatter. Without their leadership, these humans are worthless.
I've spotted Lady Ashvane in the next district. Hurry and you may be able to cut her off.

I will never surrender the city to you, Ashvane.
Surrender? Ha! You misunderstand, my lady. I want you to watch while your city burns.
Why would I save a failure, Ashvane?
I see now that entertaining her delusions of taking this city were a waste of my efforts, a mistake I will now gladly rectify.
You will serve as an example of what happens to those who invoke my wrath. Let Azeroth tremble at my power!
Lord Admiral, we must get you to safety now! A massive tidal wave is approaching the city!

So Lady Ashvane is in league with Azshara? Interesting. Though it changes little about our objective.
You'll have to remove that beast from your path if you hope to catch Ashvane.
I've spotted Ashvane's entourage crossing the bridge. In order to catch them you'll need to remove a pair of troublesome naga from your path.
Ashvane has retreated to the castle and has nowhere left to run. Time to end this hunt.
Well done claiming the azerite weapons, but we need to move quickly.
A tidal wave is rushing towards the city. It's time to leave Boralus to its fate.

Seas... swallow you...
My life for Azshara!
Abyss take you...
My queen... I've... failed...
The tide... ebbs...

Histoire de Jaina

  • Vous êtes amenés à vous rendre à Kul Tiras avec Jaina.
  • Elle est prête à tout pour vaincre la Horde.
  • À Boralus, Jaina est rejetée par Katherine, sa mère, et vous êtes arrêtés et enfermés.
  • Vous parvenez à vous échapper et rencontrer des habitants de Kul Tiras avec lesquels vous organisez une expédition afin de retrouver Jaina.
Jaina Portvaillant retourne à son foyer, Kul Tiras

Jaina Portvaillant retourne à son foyer, Kul Tiras

Our enemies remain one step ahead of us. We must close that gap.
The time has come to call upon old allies in distant lands, and to see the true might of the Alliance made whole again.
Pack your bags and report to Stormwind Keep immediately. You're headed for Kul Tiras.
The Horde has just run wild through Stormwind and you want to send me home?!
Underestimating our enemy has already cost us enough lives.
There is now a more important task at hand, Jaina. Something only you can do.

My king, the Lady Jaina's ship is ready to set sail.
Thank you, admiral. This hero will be joining her.
Kul Tiras must pledge their fleet to the Alliance. Can I count on you, Jaina?
I will see it done. I will do anything to defeat the Horde.

[Loading screen -> IGC sail through Boralus main canal & meet Katherine scene.]

Boralus. The capital of Kul Tiras - and a safe port of call in unsafe waters.
The outer wall hosts a marketplace that is second to none. Merchants from all over Azeroth dock here to trade their goods.
For most visitors, the market is all they ever see of Boralus. Beyond the Great Gate lies the city proper, and very few outsiders are allowed inside.

[IGC - Katherine rejects Jaina and exiles her. Player is arrested.]

[Player wakes up in Boralus Prison. ~10m of gameplay as they break out with Flynn. Taelia brings them to a safehouse in the harbor.]

This... this is not good.
Sir! I don't see any sign of Notley, and the trail is impossible to follow in this storm!
Curse it! We'll have to continue without him... wait, what is that?
This looks like ice magic... Jaina must have come this way!
We must press deeper into the forest! Form up!
The beasts bar the way. Cut through them!
There appears to be a structure in the distance. That must be where Jaina was headed!


My apologies. I... misspoke.

So you are allied with house Proudmoore, then? I imagine you've come here for news of Jaina, then.
There's no other reason you'd come this far north.

Well, you may have arrived just in time."
"What is this, a mainlander come to visit the wall? No doubt you want to get a glimpse of the cursed land of Drustvar without facing any of its real dangers?

Go home, $Gboy:girl;. This is no place for travelers."

"I'll admit, your courage surprises me, mainlander.

Even though you are not from this place, you choose to put yourself in great peril to save one of ours. I only hope your blade is as steady as your heart.

We leave on your word."

"Oh, we don't get many mainlanders here at the wall.

"Are you looking for supplies?"
Marshal Reade sends orders to join his expedition to find Jaina.

I suspected the marshal might be here for that reason, though I'd keep your voice down when mentioning that name around here...
If he has need of me, I'll follow his orders, but it would be dereliction to leave without thining out these beasts a hair.
Take up a crossbow and assist me, mainlander!
Hold your fire, it looks like we've got them on the run.
Reward, you say? Well, that changes things...
I'll just... borrow some of the things we'll need here...
That should do it! Tell Marshal Reade that Quartermaster Notley is reporting for duty!
Halt! Where exactly do you think you're going with my men, Marshal?
Captain Denholm, I have conscripted these men for a special mission. I order you to stand aside and allow us to pass!
By order of the queen, none shall pass this gate. Not even you.
We don't have time for this! Soldiers, stand with me!
Enough, I yield!
You can pass, Reade, but the queen will hear of this! You'll never set foot in Boralus again!
That is a risk I must take, Captain. Soldiers, on me.
Jaina!? She is the purpose of this expedition? But that's treason!

Here we go, this be the path!
I have a feeling they're not going to open that gate for us when we return...
We will find a way, Mace, once we find Jaina. Thoughts, Yorrick?
It's likely she would've followed the road to look for shelter.
Very well, that's where we will begin.

Guess we're not going out this way. Let's try the other side.
Let's find the head jailer for this cell block and get his key!
Told him he'd regret lockin' me up. Now where's my stuff...
Mages, let us return to camp. We have much to study!

House Proudmoore runs the military. The city guard and marines all answer to Lord Admiral Katherine Proudmoore. Technically, she rules the entire nation.
House Ashvane controls the nation's wealth. The Ashvane Company holds all of the official state contracts for trade and production.
Pretty much everybody works for them in one way or another. Even the gangs.

The Proudmoores are done for! And when Lady Ashvane takes the throne, I'll command her fleet!

I am ready to make my decision.
I grew up hearing tales of the great kingdom of Lordaeron. And tales of its fall.$B$BI want to see it with my own eyes.
Everything here changed when Daelin Proudmoore was defeated.$B$BJaina must have had her reasons... right?
Cyrus has looked after me since I was a child.$B$BI wish he would recognize that I'm not a child anymore.
There's an old saying here in Kul Tiras.$B$BWhen something goes wrong, old sailors will shrug it off and proclaim: "You cannot change the winds."$B$BI hate that saying.

Katherine would see us all drown!

I will throw you to the waves!
Kul Tiras has no need of the Alliance!
They will find your body in the harbor!

Jaina! I never lost faith that when the hour grew darkest, you would stand with us once more.


  • Lorsque la Horde arrive à Zandalar, elle est très mal accueillie.
  • Les Zandalari se réjouissent de la mort de Vol'Jin.
  • Rastakhan autorise la Horde à installer une ambassade à Zuldazar.
  • Rokhan (ndlr : nouveau chef des Trolls Sombrelance) vous accompagne à Zandalar pour convaincre les Zandalari de rejoindre la Horde.
  • Pour arrêter les trolls de sang, il faut conclure un pacte avec les loas.
  • Krah'gwa, le loa grenouille, se trouve à Nazmir. Il n'aime pas les trolls de sang.
  • Bwonsamdi, le loa de la mort est très dangereux et versatile.
  • Hir'eek, le loa chauve-souris, est à Nazmir. Il sait comment arrêter la corruption des trolls de sang.
  • Après avoir prouvé votre valeur, vous avez le droit de rencontrer le roi Rastakhan.
  • Ghuun est le grand ennemi de Zandalar. Il s'agit du dieu que vénèrent les trolls de sang.
  • Zul et Rastakhan sont en guerre civile.
  • Certains trolls ne voient pas d'un bon oeil l'arrivée de la Horde à Zuldazar.
  • D'anciens trolls Amani haïssent toujours la Horde, mais ne vous attaquent pas car vous êtes sous la protection de la princesse.
  • Les trolls des sables haïssent également la Horde pour leurs actions à Zul'Farrak.
  • Zuldazar se retrouve assiégée par les Sethraks.
  • Mythrax, un serviteur des dieux très anciens, s'éveille.
  • Grâce au pouvoir des loas, des Zandalari et de la Horde, la ville est sauvée.
Image de Dialogues Zandalar
Image de Dialogues Zandalar
Image de Dialogues Zandalar
Spoilers (Déplier)

Are you after this thing too? Because I saw it first and I am buying it so back off.
Well well well, a member of the Horde here in Zuldazar, very interesting.
Don't touch me, Horde scum.
By order of the princess, you are banished. Leave or die.
No Horde scum is going to unite with the Zandalari
Horde scum!
Ya not be rid of me so easily!
The Zandalari can't ally with you if you be dead.
I'll not leave here while you still breathin'.

How be ol' Vol'jin these days? Dead I hear. Ah too bad. Some of us be havin' dreams of killin' him ourselves.
Take your blessing and begone. If you return your life be forfeit.
You be wantin' to see da King? Well then, go ring the gong an we be sendin' a proper challenge for you.

You should know that our King has survived one hundred and twenty three assassination attempts.$b$bThe heads of those who have tried now decorate the throne room.
Short talky moment where I laugh at Zul and demean him, tell my daughter she abandoned her post

I never be settin' foot on Zandalar before. Zuldazar be more grand than anythin' I be believin' before today.$b$bWatchya back, mon. The Zandalari may be lookin' prim' n' proper, but they still be trolls. Troll society be unforgivin' to those that be seen as weak.
If you survive, meet us at the entrance to Barrel Row. I may have a task for you then.
Be swift and deadly. Zul and I shall await you at the stairs to pyramid. It is hard to miss.
You give wise counsel, Rokhan, but now is de time for action. These blood trolls must be stopped, and you'd be a fool to think
I don't got a plan.
My people... slaughtered! You see now who we be fightin', $n. De blood trolls be monsters!
More of my soldiers, but the path goes further. So must we.
Free! We gotta move, hop on!
COOL CUTSCENE/FLYOVER. You see the corrupt titan superconstruct! The Blood Matriarch notices you and casts a capturing spell on Talanji!
Talanji talks about wrangling limited support from contacts in Zuldazar while the player seeks the aid of forgotten loa.
Glares at you... suggestively.
We need more power to stop the blood trolls, and we only got one option: the loa in Nazmir.
So we gonna make a deal with da loa of death, da turtle loa, da bat loa, and da frog loa... all ta stop da blood trolls.
The frog loa, Krag'wa... he be in Nazmir! He be a strong loa who no put up with the evil of blood trolls.
From what I heard, he be protective of his followers. I sure he be willin' to help us fight the blood trolls... if we can find him.
Bwonsamdi... the loa of death. He be a powerful loa, but dangerous... always makin' deals.
I be feelin' his power... he be close. Closer than all the other loa.
Ah, Hir'eek, the bat loa... he must be somewhere in Nazmir. He be cunnin'... he can be knowin' how to stop this.
If any of the loa would know how to stop da blood trolls, it be him.
Hatchlings be quite particular about who dey bond with. Why it chose an outlander like you be a mystery for sure! Hatchlings be quite particular about who dey bond with. Why it chose an outlander like you be a mystery for sure!
Direhorn be plant-eaters, so don't go trying to feed it meat!
Da bond with our beasts begins at hatching and lasts a lifetime. Dey be family. Da bond with our beasts begins at hatching and lasts a lifetime. Dey be family.
Be you ready to put your hatchling's needs before your own? Do you got any idea how much they eat?
You be determined, I give you that. It be time to meet Matriarch Jaz'lith. Come.

The harsh climate of Nazmir has faded most of the tablet's writing. Only the words "praise", "spirit", and "grave" can be discerned.
Dis offering not be here when I first found this place, looks like Bwonsamdi still be havin' a follower here.
I sense a stronger presence to the north. Lets be going to check it out.
The body has a small dagger imbedded in its back.
Mmm... sacrificial killing, it be fresh too. The residual mojo of whatever ritual was performed here left a trail. Let's see where it leads us.
What news do you bring from the north?
Look mon! The trail of mojo heads off to the north, Let's follow it.

What can I do for you?
What can you tell me about Warguard Rakera?
Walk with me, but let's try ta avoid drawing attention.
Talanji tasked her with takin' a closer look at Jakra'zet's activity in Vol'dun.
Whatever she uncovered was enough ta earn her a trip to da sands.
The dunes are a death sentence. Rakera deserved better than that...
Hey you! Yes, you. Are you da one that's been askin' around about Rakera?
As you can see, there are still some among us who believe da same.
Whatever you need, make it quick.
That's a name you don't want ta be speaking around here. General Jakra'zet has eyes and ears everywhere.

I been training to be a beastcaller since I was born. What have you done?
I, Zan'gaji, leader of my tribe and architect of this temple, hereby dedicate it to the mighty Akunda.
Long ago, my people watched with awe as the great thunderlizard roamed the jungle.
All of the jungle creatures revered his power and majesty. All except for one, the tyrannous Zul'khan...
The devilsaur, Zul'khan, was jealous of the loa's power. He lurked in the dark jungle, hunting for greed and killing for pleasure.
Akunda protected us from the terror of Zul'khan, but as the years passed on my people grew complacent.
We stopped paying tribute to the great thunderlizard. Eventually Akunda disappeared from the jungle...
Zul'khan was now free to terrorize the land. He hunted and killed my people indiscriminately. These were dark times...
The elders of the tribes met in the heart of Vol'Aman. Do we stand together and fight as one or do we take what we can carry with us and flee the jungle? We chose to fight!
We lured Zul'khan deep into the canyon and ambushed him. A great net was thrown down from above...
We attacked Zul'khan with all our might, but his power was too great! He broke free... doom was upon us.
Just when hope was lost, a great roar thundered through the canyon. A figure appeared upon the cliffs, blocking out the light of the moon.
Akunda had returned at last and in moments the two beasts were locked in battle. The earth shook with every blow!
Just when it seemed the battle would never end, the dust cleared and the earth grew still...
When the dust settled, we climbed to the mountain's peak. The lifeless body of Zul'khan lay before us, but Akunda was nowhere to be seen.
And so it was upon this very spot that we built this temple in honor of Akunda. May we never again forget the great Loa.
Becoming a beastcaller requires skill, yes, but also boundless patience. Young Direhorn can be quite da troublemakers, you know!
My direhorn and I have been together since da day he hatched. We fight as one.

After completing tasks to prove your worth, your request for an audience with King Rastakhan was granted.
Against the advice of General Jakra'zet, the King decided to allow the Horde to establish an embassy within Zuldazar.
For reasons unknown, the General has a deep mistrust of the Horde.

May we always pay tribute to the great thunderlizard. May he forever watch over this jungle.
Seek out the ancient tablets within the halls of the temple. The legend of Akunda awaits you.
The time for the ritual is nearly upon us, but many of the necessary offerings have yet to arrive.
Without them, we will be unable to summon the loa. Perhaps you can help us...
Rifu! We have a visitor I would like you to meet.
Yes, Master Higashi!
Hakasi has yet to arrive with the last of the offerings. Please take our new friend with you to collect them for us.
But I'm already busy preparing the feast!
Taste-testing the food is not 'preparing the feast'. I will not ask twice, Rifu.
As you wish, Master Higashi...

I can't believe Hakasi left us with all of the work. He's going to pay for this when he gets back!
Let's get going.
Don't give in to despair! We'll find a way out of this.
When you meet with the spirits of your ancestors, do you really wish to say you gave up?
Pull yourself together, we still have some fight left in us!

Pull yourself together. You're better than this, you're a Shadow Hunter!
What? Of course not!
Then keep fighting! Believe in yourself and make them proud!
Will you let the hopes and dreams of your ancestors end here without a fight?
You're a Shadow Hunter, Bwu'ja. Show them it isn't just a title.
It's hopeless to fight, we're through!
Is that the type of attitude you would show the Warchief? They're depending upon us!
We have a mission Bwu'ja, we must carry it out no matter what!
Giving up is not something a soldier does, Bwu'ja. Now snap out of it and let's figure our way out of here. For the Horde!
Ye words, they be right mon. Let's look around, there has to be a way out of here.
Aye, ye words ring with wisdom. Come, let us find the way out of this crypt.
You're right! Let's do this!
You ever sparred wid a devilsaur? He don' bite hard - most a da time!
I will not rest until Rakera is found.
We'll ride when you're ready, but let's not waste time. Rakera won't last long in da sands.
Let's mount up and make our way to Vol'dun.

Great Bwonsamdi, I come bearing more souls... as we bargained.
Two of dem be particularly powerful. Surely dey should be enough to satisfy our agreement?
BWAH HAH HAH! Hanzabu, do you be takin' me for a fool? Your hand not be the one ta kill those two.
You take care of the serpentine, I'm going in ahead to find Hakasi...
Guards! Allies! Horde forces on approach from the southwest! Ready at the gates!
$n! Over here!
I just heard Hakasi's voice from inside that cave! He sounded like he was in trouble...
We've got to save him!
What news do you bring, traveller?
Ah, hello dere, Hanzabu! You here to be payin' your debts?

Bad devilsaur! Bad!
Hakasi you're safe now... Hakasi? Hey... wake up...
*Sniff* Please wake up...
I'm not leaving him like this. Go let the others know they did to him, I'll meet you back at the temple.

G'huun is de master of dis land. Soon even dat fool Bwonsamdi will be made ta serve!
This will not... be... de end...
Your soul for me master! Your soul for G'huun!

Ah, Salazae... she be dawdling among de living too long. Do whatever it takes to bring her soul to dis so so very patient god, hmm?
Eh heh, look at dat! Maybe ya be woth me time after all, mon. We gonna chat back in de temple. Old Bwonsamdi just might have an offer for ya.
Look, you got spunk, kid, but you ain't a negotiator. Not on my level.$b$bJust get me an audience with that King of theirs and
I'll sweet talk him out of his fleet, his throne, all that gold they use to decorate the place, and maybe even a couple of extra souvenir tiki masks on the way out.

Alright boys, let's get in here and paint it red. I want guards on the doors in case they decide to try to kick us out and I want a full service bar ready to go stat. Also, someone find me another teleporting stone in case of emergency.
Would someone please help me out of this pot? It's getting quite warm.
Rokhan has his most experienced Darkspear coming along for the journey to Nazmir. I'll be here dealing with the Zandalari.
Good luck.
Step forward and fight me, coward!
I hear the sneaking steps of a coward.
Come forward and die.
Another vulpera come to steal my crystals?
Another pathetic exile come to die in the sand?
Valjabu, der be no reason ta go to da other side. Submit to G'huun and life eternal be yours for da taking!
Ye can't hide from da mojo!
"There's no time for chit chat soldier, this here is Forward Command. We are right in the thick of it, with Camp Taurajo over there sending wave after wave of those blasted Tauren at us.

If we lose our position here, I can't see how we can possibly take the gates."

You be on my good side for saving our Princess. I know from experience she be a handful to protect at times. She thinks she has to save the Zandalari all by herself.
Where is Talanji?
"She's not here more than a day and she already leaving!

Talanji be heading somewhere and doing it behind her father's back. She grab only a few of her personal guard to keep up appearances.

I feel she is going to Nazmir even if she don't say. That's a bad place, mon. If I can't go, I would feel better if you went in my stead.

She be needing supplies. The princess probably gonna call in markers with the priesthood at her old haunt. Let me see your map."

Ta sound da drum you'll need da Mallet of Mambu and da Mallet of Gee'dae. You can find dem both in me temple grounds.
Wait, we ALL have to fight that thing? I thought we could... like... you know... send in our champion or something.
Good good. Sylvanas will be pleased. Come, "Speaker," let us discuss our next move.
Run along, mon. Bwonsamdi be watchin' ya.
I be walkin' in this world for far too long. At last, peace be mine!
Such audacity! An attack in my own temple? Goodness me. Dey gonna be mighty sorry, mmm-hmm. Mighty sorry.
Let us split up and track these Alliance down. I'll be doin' my best to help ya find dem.
Dat be enough for now. Go find da Princess over on the great stair. I will keep patrollin' for any other Alliance we missed.
Settle down, everyone! $p will come around to each of you and say hello.
Thanks again for your help. I'm going to take this offering straight to the temple.

You should head to the temple ahead of us. If this loa has as much power as they claim, maybe it can help us find Rakera.
Drekal and I will meet you there after we've had a look around.
They said they was gonna feed us, but I ain't seen a crust of bread since I got here!
My nose is froze, and my ears are froze, and my toes are froze...
Are you mean?$B$BYou don't look mean.
I saw bad men. They were yelling at everyone - even the other grown-ups!
Head down to the water. There is a boat waiting to take you to safety.
The sethrak are growing their empire, taking over the plains where our people once lived. We must put a stop to their rapid
Nicely done. That will surely set them back.

Grenja is our resident bard. She'll play any song you ask her... as long as its drums. She likes smashing things. Hopefully not your face, ha! She won't, she won't.... She might.
Ha! Volni, be nice. They mighta gotten dressed in the dark... You not wrong, though!
Yes, I heard what $p said, Man'zul. I still think your eyepatch is uglier than a saurolisk's backside.
I'm sorry that Zulsan isn't here to meet you. He'd like your hair.
Wait, they is friend- $n, look out!
Ah keeping us busy with talk till your friends get here?
Hold up Jhasan! $GHe:She; got a quality to 'em. Maybe this little girl be telling the truth.
I swear it!
Hmm, I believe enough of ya story... for now. Let's talk.
Welcome! Sorry about the mess, we don't get living visitors much.
I'll go with them, make sure it be truly safe.
It be north. Just follow the river and cross over when it gets shallow.
Stay safe soldier.
I return to the shadows.
Will this war never end?
Scum and filth these Horde.
Your bones will serve da mistress!

Welcome to me trap.
Gonna collect dat head of yours.
Watch ya step...
Step forward. Don't be shy.
Say 'ello to Bwonsamdi for me.
Hold still. I need ta take dat head of yours cleanly.
Ya be a nice change from dem blood trolls I always be huntin'.
Well, that was embarrassing. At least ya found me gun.

These stones I have collected, please take them. And would you mind if I tag along with you for a while?
This island seems dangerous.
What is it, Notley?
It looks like there's a path leading this way...
Invader! Have you come to steal my children? I am going to eat you.
You are a friend to the frogs. I will... not eat you.
Mighty Krah'gwa, I bring you an offering of flesh and flies.
Using Spirit Mask
You have brought gifts! This pleases me! You shall live a few moments longer.
Krah'gwa licks his lips and eyes you hungrily. Feed him!
Krah'gwa looks around in irritation. He appears to be growing bored. Distract him!
I accept your offerings. Now show me what you can do.
Krah'gwa grows enraged! You were too slow!
You insult me?! Begone!
Krah'gwa chomps the meat down in one gulp!
Krah'gwa stares at the glowflies briefly, pleased by their light.
There's a hidden spot over on the other side of these ruins that would make a perfect base of operations. Tell the team to rendezvous there.
It is not safe for you here, you should leave before it's too late.
The loa has returned to the temple.

The great thunder lizard has allowed us to take refuge here at the temple. You are welcome here for as long as the loa allows.
Welcome to da real hunt.
It appears that we have a visitor, Jal'nanji. Please see to our newest guest.
I accept your offerings, stranger. Please come closer, these old eyes are not what they used to be.
If the sethrak are not driven from the canyon, the safety of this temple will be in jeopardy.
You must locate the fangcaller's lair and slay the creature without delay. The safety of the temple depends on it.
You have served this temple and proven your worth, $n. In return, I shall grant you my blessing if you are willing to receive it.
Prove yourself by returning safely with the offerings and the loa will grant you an audience.
The proud riverbeasts have been reduced to hiding in the tiny remnants of the jungle that Vol'dun once was. And now, the sethrak torture them for sport! Put an end to this cruelty.
Death with dignity is hard-bought in Vol'dun. The riverbeasts may not survive the desert, but they deserve better than this. Thank you.
Well done, $n. You have more than proven your strength and courage. Return to the temple and receive your reward.
I will suffer these attacks no longer! Crush them! I am Krag'wa, and I am no one's feast!
Enough with these insects. On to their leader!
Ya be a brave sort to be comin' out here for da Great Hunt. Ah tink dis gonna be an interestin' day, ya?

Great Krah'gwa! We come seekin' ya aid against de blood trolls!
You be a mighty loa! With such power on our side, we be crushin' our enemy!
When the Zandalari see you fight with them you will have followers once more.
We gonna kill de hunters and reclaim ya lost totems.
Use Sprint to run faster!
Be careful out there.
Let's see what we've got here.
Very interesting...

Hey there, $n! Trade Prince says we gotta start making a profit. Lemme know if you hear of any sweet deals, will ya?
$p rescued you, Zulsan! I'm so happy!
Don't feel bad. $p can't even see you. Probably thinks I'm crazy. Ha!
Ha! Yeah, I know $p can't see you. Probably thinks I'm crazy. Ha!
Great idea, Volni. Let's get some drinks!
It's safe to come out now?
Oh, that? That's just a lil' something I feed my bodyguards. I got plenty more if you wanna make an offer!
Direhorn Juvenile yawns sleepily.
Firearms, ammunition, and explosives for hunters of all experience!
Going out for a hunt? There's no better place to get supplies than right here!
Professional arms for hunters of all skill!
Welcome back, gang! Great work infiltrating the Sandfury ranks while $p worked the not-kidnapped angle.
It's time we initiated $p into the gang. Prepare the ritual!
Ah, the blood tastes sweet... Drink it and see what I see, $p.
Zuldazar betrayed us. Exiled us like outsiders. But we never betrayed each other. Goldtusks stay true.
Heh, first time's always tough drinkin' the ritual scorpid blood. Let it out. It'll go down easier next time.
%s motions in your direction as if to stop you, then retracts, settling down to gaze into the distance once more.

You too late... da loa... all gonna be food... for da Blood God.
I write this as I sit in a cage with a dozen other exiles, travelin' to da sands where we will live out our days, however numbered they may be. The air, heavy with heat, tells me we're close.
The sun has set across da dunes, providing some relief from da heat that has made many delirious. In a sun-stricken stupor, one among us began ramblin' about a temple to da south dat welcomes exiles. I doubt he will make it through da night.
Our camp was attacked in da middle of da night by one among us. Unarmed and befuddled by sleep, we were unable ta defend ourselves. I fought off the traitor, but it was too late; the survivors had scattered, each now forced ta navigate this unforgiving terrain alone.
I won't survive much longer without food or water. After travelin' in circles for most of da day, I decided my only option was ta follow da advice of a ramblin' madman and head south toward da promise of shelter.
I was seduced by the devouring light. Thank you for saving me...

Heh, that part never gets old.
Rookie alert! Goldtusk eruption in 3... 2... 1...
That's the spirit, $p! Drink 'til it hurts!
Don't drink too much of that stuff in one day, $p... Trust me.
Try to hold it in this time, $p...
Chug... chug... chug...
I added banana to that batch. I really think it accentuates that my-soul-is-burning-and-I-can't-feel-my-legs sensation!
The Goldtusk Gang ritual drink... this time, with extra burning!
Save some for the rest of us, rookie!
Is that... ale?
The singing has finally stopped!
Whose idea was it to navigate near this forsaken grotto anyway?
I agree, Grenja. $p would be a good fit if Zulsan doesn't return.
Help, $p! We been attacked!

Da princess wanna hear our reports straight away. Best not keep her waiting.
De Blood God be having its due now or later. You can't stop us!
Blood God... take me! Dis not... be... da end...
Outstanding work, mon! Come speak with me when you be ready, we be havin' a war to get back to.
This place stinks of the forsaken. I don't know how long these walls will hold, so we should keep moving.
Free at last... You have my thanks for releasing me from that cursed jar! It was a tight squeeze, even for a ghost!
I'm going to search for the loa. Meet me inside the temple when you're finished here.
People of Zeb'ahari! Retake ya village and prepare yaselves for my summons. When da time comes, I will need your aid in crushin' da usurpers dat threaten our kingdom.
I should have known better than to trust those back-stabbing Tortaka! I can't believe they killed me and trapped me in that jar for a hundred years... or was it two hundred? I can't even remember anymore!

The room appears to be empty.$b$bThe altar in front of you is etched with ancient zandalari glyphs and images of the loa, Eraka no Kimbul.$b$bIt appears as though something used to sit atop the altar, a statue perhaps?
Examine the altar.
The surface of the top of the altar is slightly concave with visible grooves near each corner.$b$bIt appears as if some kind of large and heavy object was seated upon the altar at one point.$b$bWhatever it was, it appears to be missing.

I guess I could eat my old food, but I've never tried raptor meat before. Why pass up the chance to try something new?

"Zul and all those who follow him will soon learn that there is always a price to pay for defying a loa.

With each passing moment, that debt grows."
This is Rakera's medallion. It is given to all Warguards in recognition of their service to da King. At least she didn't give it up without a fight.
Hmm... something must be wrong. The idol is in place upon the altar, why would the loa not return?
Ahh yes, how foolish of me... I forgot the offerings! We cannot summon the loa empty handed!
You no be gettin' dis artifact!
Ya smell strong, me get power after eatin' ya!
Huh? It said I get power by eatin' flesh, why you no die?!
Can't happen... you no eat me, you no get my power!
How... da flesh... supposed ta give me... power...
We are makin' our way to Rezan's lair. Join us dere when ya be ready and we will end dis heresy.
A tsunami of blood is coming. Are we doomed, $n?
I'll keep an eye on this one and make sure he doesn't go anywhere.
The Zandalari will need all the help they can get against this evil. Fortunately the Horde is here to come to the rescue.
Now that the offerings are in place we have everything we need to summon the loa.
I'll make my way to the beach. Meet me there once you have what I've asked for.
I'll keep an eye on the human. If he tries to run, my blade will stop him.
We're just humble sausage makers! Why would anyone want to hurt us?
These treasures belong to the Vilescale!
My queen... I failed...

*achem* It is I, great loa, your loyal and trusted servant, Vunanju.
Your task was simple: Make peace with the Tortaka and look after my temple while I was away. Now look at this place!
Tortollans have strange customs, my lord. How was I to know that declining a marriage proposal could be considered an act of war?
It was a simple mistake... but look around you! Doesn't this place bring back fond memories? Stay and allow us to rebuild this temple in your honor!
*Growl* I will stay for now, if only to aid the spirits of my competent followers who were slain for your stupdity.

Zul foretold ya comin'. All be proceedin' as he predicted.
Great one, ya still be breathin'? Let's be gettin' ya out of them chains.
Hmm... An old buddy of mine works the ferry down by the Ashvane foundry. He might know something.
But don't go getting yourself caught again! Taelia can't always be there to save your sorry butt.
Pops, you saw what a pinch of this powder can do. If you have any contacts close to Ashvane, now's the time.
Rastakhan, your enemies test your borders.
Your council challenges your authority. Your friends try to take your life.
There be blood in the waters now.
It be time to ask yourself, are you King, or are you prey?
Ya be right. I grown soft in me old age. If Talanji been here, maybe she had seen this comin'.
But I swear to you, and to this champion of da Horde here, that I not gonna rest until I have Zul's head.
Come, little King. Let us bring ruin upon these heretics!
Smashing time!
De will of my mistress be done!
Zolani, my blade, meet us at the temple. See that none bar our way.

I thought I'd never see you again...
You shouldn't have come for me, Kaja.
I couldn't just leave you to die! We can escape all of this. Start our life over somewhere safe.
You don't understand. Nowhere is safe if Jakra'zet succeeds.
Oh no... not this place too!

The Tortaka tribe will not stop until they've siphoned the energy from every spirit within the temple.
I never imagined that their lust for power would drive them to such evil... what can be done?
The Tortaka are beyond redemption. Kuppaka and his tribe must be slain, and the sources of their dark power destroyed.
Kuppaka has been slain at last, and the stolen artifacts of power have been stripped from the hands of the Tortaka.
Moreover, you have rescued the spirits of my followers from destruction and aided this temple.
In appreciation for your loyalty and courage, I will offer you a blessing of my power. May it serve you well in future battles.
Should you return to this temple in the future, it will be as a friend and honored guest.

dGood eye, $p! Back in Zuldazar, Grenja got us out of a lot sticky situations. She held open, and knocked down, a lot of doors for us... people too, actually.
...You okay, $p? You freaking Grenja out... You having a heat stroke?
Hold on, she can't hear you over the incessant pounding of her drum. Take a break, Grenja! $p is trying to greet you. Grenja's our
bard, but sometimes she forgets people need to talk in here.
You not fooling anyone, Volni. I know you love the hat I got you, and I'm not moving it until you admit it!
Speak up! I can't eavesdrop if you two jerboas are mumbling over there!
Volni, stop challenging all of our guests to duels! The last two you killed never paid their bill.
Ha! I like your style, $p, but I beat you to it. All he's got left is that ugly eyepatch and dazzling smile.
Man'zu! This is a family-friendly inn. Those days are behind us.
Yes, yes, Man'zul. We shoulda listened to you. You didn't deserve this fate. We shoulda stuck to your plan. You so smart. I remember. Now shush or I'll pinch your nose again!

You! You have ruined everything... the frogs were meant to feed our magic for years!
Why... we were so close... to never thirsting for magic... again...
Impudent SCUM! Our people will finally have our magic sated, no more thirsts, no more yearning!
All your precious frogs will be caged, they will live to serve our needs!
I will not fail you, Queen Azshara! The frogs shall be ours, I shall see to it!
He has come! I must tell the Council. Those still faithful to him must know.
Zul will come again and raise our empire from the ashes.
Zul forsaw the Cataclysm, and we did nothing. We watched as our king banished him. We watched as Zul took our brothers and sisters into exile with him. And we saw the destruction that came with the Cataclysm!
King Rastakhan rots on his throne too weak or too cowardly to visit his people. We need a strong leader!
Remember the words of Zul, our prophet. Remember the doom he saw for our people.
Our borders are weak. Our people are weak. We need the strength that only Zul can offer.
We need a true leader! Not a feeble King.
S-so many legs! So many eyes! They're looking for me!
I d-don't know what my sister and her friends are p-planning, but it's not good. Good things don't require b-blood sacrifices!
Show her the Word of Zul.

These frogs shall feed us!
We will use this frogs to save our people!
These frogs shall sate us for years to come!
The frogs are ours, fool!
These frogs belong to us now!
Death to the mana-stealers!
We will not let you take our frogs!
The frogs belong to the Naga!
You won't stop us, the frogs will feed us for years!
Our orders say not to kill the frogs, but we can kill you!
We'll get more of those frogs once we kill you!
Filthy $r, we shall have our new mana source!
I must protect her new mana source!
We shall cage and drain your little frog friends!
We won't kill the frogs, but we'll slaughter you!

Da Horde be here? Dark times.
First non-trolls, and now the Horde? Who else will Talanji let into our city?
Thank the loa for Princess Talanji's return. She was not gone for long, but those who stand against her did not need long.
You are of da Horde? Is it true Vol'jin be dead?
I hear your kind follow an undead leader. Ol' Bwonsamdi not gonna like that.
Did you really fight alongside da Princess Talanji? Did she melt someone's face? Did she rip someone's mind apart? What was her hex like?
Not fond of da Horde, but you killed a lot of Alliance filth so can't be too bad.
It be true that Zul be dragged back to Zandalar? I bet he not be happy about that.
Some be looking forward to the fleet returning. But I remember well the trolls that sailed with Zul. Dey be an angry lot.

We're gonna figure that out when we find each of them. You promised me the Horde was capable of anything.
Nazmir be a cursed place... but one where loa rest. Stand back... I be usin' me voodoo ta find who be here.
There! Torga, the turtle loa. He be wise and benevolent. It be easy to get his aid. Let's see who else be here...
He be a wise and benevolent loa. It should be easy to get him to help us against the blood trolls.
Dere be one more... here!
Let's discuss what we can do to fight the blood trolls.

Who you be to stand against us?
Ya not be tellin' any guards on me if ya be dead.
Blood of a hero fetch a fine price.
No! No! You cannot stop us. He promised us you cannot stop us.
Soon they will come from Nazmir, and you will all see what we have seen.
The tide of blood will break upon you from the North, and you will be made to kneel.

Mother, father...
It be time ta face da judgment of Bwonsamdi, we have da phylacteries, and $n got me da bones ta counter ya voodoo!
What are... impossible! I no be chained, not by you, not by Bwonsamdi!
Kel'vax be vulnerable again... it be up ta you!
Your spirits be fuel for the Blood God!
BAH! Curse you and curse Bwonsamdi, he NOT HAVE ME SOUL!
Good! With the leader dead, these minions will soon fall. Let us feast upon them!
I gotta bad feeling about dis... Be careful, $n!
Do not be such a worry wart! I have found that creatures of supersition are never as fearsome as the stories would lead you to believe.
Bwonsamdi! No... G'huun promised that I never be defeated!
Haha! Our foes flee before us!

Mother... father... I be sorry. Please, forgive me, speak ta Bwonsamdi on me behalf!
It be too late for dat, me son. Ya chose ta betray Bwonsamdi. Ya need ta be payin' for dat.
No! Mother, do someting!
Your fate be up ta Bwonsamdi now. Best hope he be havin' more mercy dan us.
No! I can't see Bwomsamdi, I no want ta... please, STOP!
... Bwonsamdi's will be done. It time we all be gettin' our rest.
See ya on da other side.

We should've seen the attack coming. Who was supposed to be the lookout?
It was Tucker. The sethrak killed him first.
Tucker! Should have known. At least he paid the price for his incompetence.
Keep it down! Lady Sylvanas won't be happy if we fail our mission.
You wouldn't believe me if I told you, Therold. It's a disaster.
Alby? What's going on? Where is Lord Stormsong?
Brannon Stormsong is a weak boy. The true power belongs to the sea!
Ifis shuul qi'nuq yyqzz...
It is too late! You cannot stop our progress!
The world shall drown... ak yar qi'lwhuk h'iwn...
Dis be Xibala's sacred shrine. He will welcome a new soul ta his collection!
Xibala...will make you suffer...
I grant you the blessings of the sea! May you experience its gentle embrace, as it accepts you as an ally.
Urgh... come on... cut in half by the sethrak... this is no way to go.
You... you killed the love of my life!
The desert will cover this land!
We will have dominion over all!
The swamps shall be turned!
You cannot stop our dominion!
We will come for your lands next!
This land shall turn to sand!
We claim Nazmir for the sethrak!
The desert will spread!
You will not stop us from finding the Skycaller Gem's true power!
Fool... the others will come... and get the gem back...
I'll tear you limb from limb!
With pleasure.

It is so cold... where is ma'da?
Where did ma'da go? She's been gone for so long.
Where's ma'da? I want to go home!
What are you doing here?
Ma'da told me to stay here. I've waited ages now and ma'da still hasn't come back!$b$bI'm tired of waiting. I want my ma'da!
It's soooo lonely here without ma'da.$b$bCould you help me look for her? Please! I promise I won't be trouble.
You've been very patient.
I'll help you find your mother.

I knew you were no match for me!
Me and ma'da met da priests here. I got dis dress from dem too. They were so nice!
Eww, da priest in there smelsl like old worms! No, ma'da would not go in there.
No, that is de crypt of de great queen. Ma'da would get in trouble if she went in der.
It is dark in there! You go on, I'll be right behind ya.
I think we're close! Ma'da! Where are you?

The half-buried backpack is covered with sand, but the contents within appear to be in suitable condition.
Urok be gettin' protection from da totems, use me torch to burn 'em!
Champion! Deal wit dat witch! Those dancin' bones she call "minions" gonna fall to de true lord of de dead!
HAH! We be doin' it! I told ya, Sur'jan, we could beat Urok.
I let you handle da complicated things. I be outside of Urok's lair.

There, his protection be gone, let's finish him off!
I know, I be livin' in Nazmir, so ya think I be crazy, but ya need to listen! Ya all be dead if you no be helpin' me!
I be goin' out ta get things ready for the ritual. We be able to kill Urok once I get me power back.
Stupid Sur'jan! Why you runnin' ya mouth like that in front of everyone? They gonna think you crazy!

"You stand before Hexlord Raal, High Priest of the great loa Pa'ku, master of winds and our navy, and member of da Zanchuli Council. So whatchu want?"

Do not delay, follow Pa'ku today!
Like de sky? So do I. Join Pa'ku. He da loa for you.
Pa'ku, pa'ku, pa'ku, he da loa fo' you.

You still followin' Loti? Ha! Ya be dumber than bruto dung.
That army is enormous... Give the word and I will abscond us to safety.
Raal is gonna get you all fed to the King's loa if he keeps messing with us.
You flyin' fanatics gonna be the death of Zandalar.
You'll not be messin' with our ritual day. Loti gonna make sure of that.
I thought you flyers were supposed to scout out for dese blood trolls. Why we be doin' your work for you?
Bah! I not be undone by some interferrin' minion of da Horde!
You tink I be the only one usin' blood magic here? Ya due for an ugly surprise.

Ah! Da hero of da Horde. Hexlord Raal gonna be impressed with ya. You in good wit' him, you in good wit' Pa'ku, you in good wit' me.
Pa'ku be da loa of winds and master of our scouts and fleet. He be an impulsive loa who loves his freedom. Speak with his champion, Hexlord Raal, if ya be wishin' to know more.
Hmm, $p. Da loa been whisperin' ya name. Ya arrival in Zuldazar should be very interestin'.
I answer to Pa'ku, the lord of the winds and master of our navy. He be a loa unlike any other. Ya would do well to deal with him instead of dose other loa. They not be trustworthy.
Whateva you do, do not be listenin' to da lies of these followers of Gonk. Dey just jealous of how great our loa Pa'ku is.
Da followers of Pa'ku still bitta over how Hexlord Raal left their Wardruid Loti. Very sad. Very unprofessional.
Da followers of Pa'ku still bitta over how Wardruid Loti left their Hexlord Raal. Very sad. Very unprofessional.
Gonk is da loa who taught all trolls how to expand their influence to otha' loa and become druids. And we be foreva grateful.
Have you spoken with Gonk? He be da lord of the pack. He spoke to some of the Darkspear, guidin' dem to be druids.$b$bBut for us, he be real. He be a voice we can listen to in person. Not some fragment or piece of him, but here.

How many sources a power are dese blood trolls havin'?
We be doomed! How can we be hopin' to stop someting like this?
Join me and ya be saved from da destruction of Zuldazar!
Alright, lich, tell me your offer.
Zuldazar be fallin' ta da blood trolls and G'huun. But ya don't need ta be sharin' dat fate.
Serve me and ya be saved... and I be givin' ya part a da G'huun's power.
$n never gonna side with you! Show dis lich what ya tink of dis "offer"!
H-hold on, maybe we be workin' with Zardrax! How we gonna be stoppin' all of this?
Haha... ya be strong! But all be fallin' before G'huun. Me offer stands whenever any of ya be wantin' it...
G'huun be consumin' everything, dere be no hope.
Ya can be spared if ya be servin' me, G'huun be promisin' that.
Ya got no choice, Zuldazar be doomed, G'huun gonna be freed!
If ya try ta fight, ya be crushed by our forces.
But if ya join me ya can be receivin' more power than ya ever dreamed of!

"Ah, a $c walks in my den. Tell me little $r, have you come to bargain?
Long ago I decided to let my followers chose any loa to also follow. But for a boon, well, for that I require you to be a symbol of my power to the people of Zuldazar.
If you wish for my boon, return to the steps of Dazar'alor, and raise a shrine to me worthy of the gods.
Do this, and I shall consider you one of my pack. Do we have a bargain?"

Use the torch upon our fallen brethren, but leave the sethrak to rot in the sun. They are underserving of such respect.
There will be no peace so long as the sethrak ravage the land.
The sethrak destroyed our food supplies during the attack...
The desert is a desolate place, but there's food to be found if you know where to look!
Our herd of alpacas went missing in the attack. We must find them before it's too late!
The alpacas won't survive in the desert alone. We need to bring them back!
Snarltooth is dead and our missing alpacas have been recovered. I'll be sure to tell Razgaji how much you've helped us!
These may not be the most delicious ingredients, but they keep us fed.

"I questioned many trolls about Xibala, and received a different story from all regardless of my interrogation methods.
Some said that Xibala made people's bodies swell up with putrification.
Or anyone who laid eyes on him became a living skeleton.
Or he lurked in the shadows and came out at night and devoured people while they slept.
Or he waited near the roads and caused people to die coughing up blood.
No wonder the locals stay away!"

We will reforge our empire with your bones!
Where others failed, the Kao-Ren will triumph!
I will crush your skull in my hands!
The Zandalari will honor their pact or die!
Glory to the mogu. Glory to Warlord Kao!
I am power manifest!
Bow before me!
Feel the fury of the storm!
You will make a fine slave.
The Thunder King's will be done!
Just as the storm bends, you will serve!
The Kao-Ren will rule this land!
Storm, stone, blood, heed my call!
I will watch the life drain from your eyes.
All who dare stand before us will perish!
Stone embrace me...
This cannot be...
The Empire will never fall.
The flesh is... weak...
Even the stone breaks.
Ours is the will... of the gods...
Even in death... I serve.
You merely delay the inevitable.
Your hubris will be your downfall.
The storm... fades...

I'm ready to begin the ritual to disguise myself as a blood troll.
I should warn you, dis may hurt a little. Well... most likely a lot!
De blood troll women are in charge of de war parties, so you will need to look like one. Trust me, dis will work!
Once you get near their camp, you will be transformed into one of dem. But be careful! Dis disguise is not perfect.
Dead Man's Pass is easy to spot. Just look for the dark, ominous rock formations to the northwest. It'll be fun!
We must stay strong.
The Heart of Sethraliss is glowing red. What does it mean?
Hey you! Wanna buy a rock? I got da best rocks.
Buy Bol'dar's rocks! I got the bestest rocks here, I sell for a good price!
Want to be big and strong like Bol'dar? Buy one of my rocks, then lift and smash with it every day. Then maybe you get big and strong.$b$bMaybe not as big or strong as me though.
Want to buy hats? I have hats! Two for the price of two!
Of course I sell two hats at same time. I have two heads!$b$bI see you have only one head. Me sorry for you. But you can keep extra hat!
Me have good idea: you buy two hats, you wear one hat. You give other hat to friend, family, mate. Me no judge.

I am the thunder's might. The terror of the steppes. I cannot lose!
Look around, Kao. You've already lost! Lay down your arms!
Zul promised a new empire, and we WILL have it!
I knew dat scoundrel couldn't be trusted! He will pay for dis!
It matters not. Your king's end comes...

Yeah I see Gazrix and his crew over there, plotting and scheming. Won't do 'em any good though. Our first order of business when we get our audience with the king'll be to get rid of the competition.$b$bSupply and demand, right? If we have all the supply, we can demand whatever we want!
You got business with the boss, you talk to the boss.$b$bYou got business with me? Nah, you don't. Scram, pal.
No funny business is allowed here in the harbor. You don't see me smiling though, do ya?
You can talk to the boss, but I got my eye on you.
You wanna talk, you talk with Moxie. She's the talker.$b$bNoxie hefts her mace and slaps the head of it into her other hand.$b$bI knock the heads around if you try anything stupid. You don't wanna talk to me.
You think I'm scary, you should see my sister Boxie. She stings like a silithid, but floats like a cloud serpent. Pow! Bam!
Moxie'll see ya whenever yer ready, friend.$b$bDon't worry about me, I'm just the muscle. You won't lay a finger on her though.
You're still well within my range.
You think my fists are too fast, wait'll you get a load of my sister Noxie. She's got a swing that'll have you seein' stars!
You must believe me when I say that I mean you no harm.$b$bI am a follower of Sethraliss, like my people before me. The other sethrak you have encountered in Vol'dun have long abandoned the ways of Sethraliss. The faithless seek to destroy us just as they do your kind.

Servants of Yazma not be welcome here!
You come for de gold, but you be leaving behind your bones!
You should never have come here.
Only de worthy be buried here. Your corpses be raptor food.
De pools... must be... cleansed.
Death be a better fit for you.
You be cleansed.
Atal'Dazar's power flows through me!
Corruption be purified!
De gold answers my call.

Princess Talanji be mighty curious what happens here in da swamps.
Me disguise! And Hir'eek!
... Well, dis be it. Either da plan works, or we be dead.
You will serve!
We will reforge our empire with your bones!
Where others failed, the Kao-Ren will triumph!
I will crush your skull in my hands!
The Zandalari will honor their pact or die!
Glory to the mogu. Glory to Warlord Kao!
You will make a fine slave.
Bow before me!
Stone embrace me...
This cannot be...
The Empire will never fall.
The flesh is... weak...
Even the stone breaks.
Ours is the will... of the gods...
Even in death... I serve.
You merely delay the inevitable.

Searchin' for Rakera is a fool's errand. Her fate was sealed when she was sent to da sands.
Are you goin' ta let them keep me caged up like this?
My people can help you find this Xal... what do you call it? Xal'zaix?
Do you really trust these snakes? I think they might be knowin' more than they're tellin'...
What will this ritual show us exactly? Are we close ta findin' Xal'zaix?
That vision was more helpful than we could have imagined. Xal'zaix is within our reach.
Gather the reagents for the ritual and we will help you look for your lost artifact.
The glasstail scorpids must be dealt with, but I fear that an even more dangerous threat looms yet ahead.
Place your hands upon the shamanstone and I will summon a cyclone to carry you to Atul'Aman.

Their loa... she used Xal'zaix to destroy da great pyramid.
She couldn't have known it would turn da jungle ta sand...

Atul'Aman, once a magnificent structure, was destroyed in a catastrophic explosion thousands of years ago.
The echoes of that blast still resonate throughout the elements. What power could have caused such devestation?

For centuries now, a dark power has been growing within Atul'Aman. I sense that the elements have grown restless...
It will be up to us to find the source of the disturbance and put an end to it.
The winds will guide you into Atul'Aman now... prepare yourself!

"Sulthis was the very first Keeper. He needed me and Korthek to help him seal [the C'Thrax's] corpse within the great pyramid.
Together, we cast a barrier, sealing the corpse of [My'thix] within.
Each of us created a key, imbued with our power, to ensure that the tomb would remain undisturbed."
STEVE IS GOING TO TAKE THIS FROM OK AND LONG, TO EPIC AND CONCISE This is Sulthis' key. It is one of three needed to break the barrier that surrounds the pyramid.

My life for Zul!
We fight for a true troll empire!
Zandalar shall rule dis world!
Da Horde gonna fall. Da Alliance gonna fall. And Zandalar gonna rise!
Ya too late. Zul be marchin' for da pinnacle.
Ya bring dat failed King of ours? He gonna die, and ya cannot stop it.
Ya can't stop what be comin'. Zul has foreseen it.
Dis world will be ours. Zul has foreseen it!
I need ta gather my armor before I leave this place, but do not wait for me. I will meet you at da ruins.
Keep an eye out for assassins. Jakra'zet has put a hefty price on my head.
Take down those tentacles! Force the beast to emerge!
Don't stand down, Outriggers! Give her all you've got!
Sandfury Assassin retreats into the shadows.
She's emerged! Show her the power of the Outriggers!
You're not going anywhere without me. I won't lose you again, Rakera.
And down she goes! A fight for the ages, Outriggers.

Zak'rajan imprisoned our spirits into these golems. He forces us to serve him.
Why does Bwonsamdi refuse to let us into da Other Side?
Zak'rajan forbid us from worshipping the loas. Only he could be honored.
We were promised wealth beyond measure. Instead, we were enslaved.
He uses our souls to protect himself. You cannot break through his shield with weapons.
Only spirits can defeat spirits.
Zak'rajan has enslaved us for countless ages. Free us....
Even the loas have abandoned us.
Da spirit lodge is ready for ya. Whatcha needin'?

When Zul demanded we give him the remains of Dazar, da first king, we thought he was joking.$b$bWe turned him away.$b$bWe did not know he had an army at his disposal to take our temple by force.
Ready your weapons. Someone's approaching...
Follow me. King Rastakhan is near.

Curse the cowards in Zuldazar for not stoppin' this threat sooner! Me father was a fool to think this just be "goin' away".$B$BThis ain't gonna end with us just killin' Ateena... it be far worse dan I ever imagined.

Dinomancer Kish'o calls out for aid!
Zul promised us vengeance against your kind.
Vengeance for Lei Shen!
Vengeance for the Emperor!
The Horde and Alliance will fall!
Your kind shall fall before our blades.
Your pitiful kind shall be brought to heal.

Invade my temple? Oh ya gonna die for dat.
First I gonna kill ya, den I gonna go to work on ya.
Ya suffering won't end with death.
I gonna do horrible things to your very soul.
Even ol' Bwonsamdi gonna be disturbed by what I plan to do to you.

It be hard to say if Zul is a good planner or is just a good prophet. Either way, he be ahead of us at every step.$b$bHe makes to replace me with the bones of our first king, Dazar.$b$bI am one to see trolls rule the world again, but I not be one willing to pay the cost of the dark heresies that Zul has turned to.

Da Darkspear be betrayin' dere kind. Dey never shoulda joined da Horde.
You be believin' da Horde be followin' some little dead elfie for Warchief? Weak.
Da Zandalari tink dey high an' mighty over da rest. But dey be nothin' more than dyin' relics.

Dey say King Rastakhan not doin' too well dese days. Only a matter o' time before da whole a Zandalar fall. Den where we be?
Da Golden Fleet be da real Zandalari power. Whoever got da fleet, got the power.
Da Horde got a new Warchief. Weak little elfling, be hearin'.
Watch your back. Dere gonna be a knife dere.

Da Zandalari can't be hidin' from da world anymore. Their days be numbered.
We be a long way from da Hinterlands, but know that da Revantusk always be friends to da Horde.
Da Revantusk be rememberin' da Horde's help. We be ready to pay it back.
Da Zandalari be sendin' anyone dat cause trouble to da desert. No one be comin' back.
You tink dey got enough steps in dis city?
Too many be speakin'. Too few be listenin'.
For all da talk da Zandalari talk about hatin' da undead, dey sure playin' nice wit da Horde's new warchief.
Da Horde's days be numbered. You best be believin'.
Dis be de only place so many tribes meetin' without heads rollin'. De moment da guards gone, it be a different story.
I hate da elves. I hate da undead. Da Horde got both.
Da Zandalari once be da proudest tribe, now dat pride be da only ting keepin' da place together.
Da Zandalari be thinkin' dey better dan da other tribes. Dey not have much time left ta be wrong.
You be believin' da Horde be followin' some little dead elfie for Warchief? Weak.
Too many be speakin'. Too few be listenin'.
For all da talk da Zandalari talk about hatin' da undead, dey sure playin' nice wit da Horde's new warchief.
Da Zandalari can't be hidin' from da world anymore. Their days be numbered.
Horde? Pah. Dey not worth a pile of direhorn dung.
You be believin' da Horde be followin' some little dead elfie for Warchief? Weak.
Da Zandalari tink dey high an' mighty over da rest. But dey be nothin' more than dyin' relics.
King Rastakhan must be slippin', to be lettin' the Horde into Zandalar witout takin' dere heads.
Watch your back. Dere gonna be a knife dere.
Watch your back. Dere gonna be a knife dere.
Dey say King Rastakhan not doin' too well dese days. Only a matter o' time before da whole a Zandalar fall. Den where we be?
Too many be speakin'. Too few be listenin'.
Da Zandalari once be da proudest tribe, now dat pride be da only ting keepin' da place together.
Dey say da King not even know what be happenin' in his own city. How he gonna handle da crisis?
I hate da elves. I hate da undead. Da Horde got both.
Da Zandalari be lettin' blood magic into dere borders. Only a matter of time before it destroy dem.
Da Zandalari tink dey high an' mighty over da rest. But dey be nothin' more than dyin' relics.
Da Golden Fleet be da real Zandalari power. Whoever got da fleet, got the power.
Da Zandalari can't be hidin' from da world anymore. Their days be numbered.
Dis be nothin' like da jungles of home. We got way bigger dinos.
Dey say King Rastakhan not doin' too well dese days. Only a matter o' time before da whole a Zandalar fall. Den where we be?
Da Horde got a new Warchief. Weak little elfling, be hearin'.
Da Darkspear be betrayin' dere kind. Dey never shoulda joined da Horde.
Da Zandalari can't be hidin' from da world anymore. Their days be numbered.

Dis be de only place so many tribes meetin' without heads rollin'. De moment da guards gone, it be a different story.
Da Horde got a new Warchief. Weak little elfling, be hearin'.
King Rastakhan must be slippin', to be lettin' the Horde into Zandalar witout takin' dere heads.
I hate da elves. I hate da undead. Da Horde got both.
Da Zandalari once be da proudest tribe, now dat pride be da only ting keepin' da place together.

You got da mark of da Princess Talanji, which mean we can't kill ya, but we don't gotta like ya.
Tread carefully, mon. Da moment da Princess be done wit' you, ya gonna have a chat wit' my knife about what da Horde did to Zul'jin.
Da Horde chose there precious blood elves over us. And den dey killed our greatest leader, Zul'jin.$b$bBlood. Ya kind owe us a lot of blood, mon.
Smile while ya can, $c. Ya step wrong here, and we gonna kill ya ourselves.
Good day to you, $gsir:madam;. May I interest you in the fine art of lapidary?$b$bOr as its more commonly known, jewelcrafting?
Usurpers. Ya Horde will pay for what they did to our people in Tanaris.
Ya have da royal ear, so we not be killin' ya, for now.

While you were away, I've been going through the journal trying to discover more shrine locations.
I believe I know where a few more might reside, but it's in rather hostile territory.
It's a land called Zandalar. You may have to charter a boat, it's practically on the other side of the globe.
Before you leave though, allow me tell you about the next three shrines.
Ya be sendin' my pets ta die, nobody comes back from Nazmir. Ya be food for da blood trolls!
I be headin' ta Nazmir, $n. Be ready, dere be nothin' left dere but blood trolls and dark voodoo.
None of ya are comin' back from Nazmir. Our poor king, losin' his daughter ta dis foolish crusade!

Our prey be near. The blood of Zul, Yazma, and their heretics will soon be spilled. It shall be a great hunt.
When I get my claws on Yazma and Zul, I am going to drop them on a rock!
The escort I arranged should be here. Go on down the path to meet him.
Let ol' Rastakhan know I will return in my own time. Oh, and thanks.

King Da'ka! He find us! Help!
I'm ready for you to apply the synthetic G'huun essence to me.
Synthetic essence of G'huun mask you from undead, will allow faster passage to temple. Do not be alarmed.
Process complete. Undead unable to distinguish you. Must proceed to containment of G'huun.
Gimmie your gold, I've got an earnings call in five minutes!
Sometin' is not right on Rezan's Claw. We'll see what we find, while you take care of dis annoyance Zul started.

So... what brings ya to visit lonely old Bwonsamdi?
What ya be asking of death?
Hello, hello! Ya come to make a deal?
Easy, now. Don't be forgettin' who ya dealin' with.
Hm... somebody likes to play dangerous games.
I see dead people. It kinda be my ting.
Ya lookin' a lil' thirsty. Wanna drink? How 'bout a "zombie"? Hahaha!
Sooner or later... everyone comes to me.
See ya soon... REAL soon.

Come, champion, let us go to visit my father. Zul, catch up when you can.
Finally, a chance to talk in private.
Zandalar is beset by enemies, both within and without.
Blood trolls surge across our northern border and drag our people off to the swamps of Nazmir never to be seen again.
Meanwhile da Zanchuli council, scheming politicians and aging old tusks, dismiss this threat to my father, convincing him we should do nothing.
If you will not do your job of protecting this kingdom then I must look for someone who will.
The best way to protect the kingdom would be for me to banish this... thing... to Vol?dun. The Horde have no place in Zandalar.
Their fate will not be decided by you, General.
I should warn, my father be a dense troll, set in his ways. He be powerful and observant though, and I sure he knows of your role in
Stormwind before I be tellin' him. Just let 'im do da talkin' and hopefully he won't throw ya off da pyramid.
Princess... allow me to be the first to welcome-
We are keeping your father waiting.
When you left, you told your father you were going sightseeing. Not negotiating with mongrels from da Horde.

My father believes he is indulging me. He believes the word of his stoic advisors like Zul instead of listening to me.
Time is short so I will be brief. I plan to lead an expedition into the swamps of Nazmir to deal with the threat to our northern border.
However, if you want our navy, you need the support of my father here in Zuldazar. His advisors plot against you.
And then there are the schemes of Jakra'zet in the deserts of Vol'dun. I have no doubt he is as big a threat to the Horde as he is to my people.
We cannot be in all places at once. I leave it to you to choose your priority. Review your maps and decide which plan you will chose first.
I was able to arrange for your companions to be flown here without Zul interfering. You need only signal them.

The blood trolls have broken through into the Rivermarash! Champion, kill their vanguard and burn any corpses they can raise from the dead.
That will teach them to venture out from Nazmir! I be glad I can count on you champion. (PH)
I have constructed a Greater Control charm using the ones we acquires! Use it on the Demolisher!
We'll ride that monster out of here!
We can do more than that! We'll destroy them! Come on! Everyone climb aboard!

Rastakhan! Your city is sieged from the west by the snakes of Vol'dun. Do something about it.
Talanji, take the Horde champion and see what you can do to muster our forces there. I will work with Krag'wa to secure the Sliver.
Be careful father, these are plans long set by an enemy beyond our reckoning.
I sense something coming from the west. An ancient power of the Black Empire. A god killer.
This champion reported that Mythrax the Unraveller has risen.
Well, that can't be good.
Form ranks! Warbows at the ready.
Rakera, already assuming command of our forces, I see.
Talanji, already riding loa into battle, I see.
Dark times calls for great deeds. How do things look?
Dire. We are flanked. The loa have come and are doing what they can to cut down the invaders, but we need to rally any troll that can hold a spear.
Rakera, command the troops. I will keep them standing.
Brothers and sisters of Zandalar, let's take back our city! Forward, march.
The way is clear, little ones. Move now, Mythrax is approaching.
Come, Mythrax. Come, Unraveller. The final seal must be broken.
How did Zul get up there?
He commands Mythrax. We must stop the servant of the Black Empire.
Talanji, you and your champion go after Zul. I will rally whom I can and try to slow the Unraveller. It will take an army to bring that thing down.
Now. Shatter final seal. Slay any who would stop you.

Back then, Korthek and I led our people in worship to Sethraliss together.
Our most sacred site was the adytum, hidden away in the hills.
But the Faithless have no need for it anymore. It's been abandoned for generations.
It will be a safe and fitting place to start our- Wait... Is that vulpera down there?

"Look around you. These are the abused bodies of my family, my friends, my kin.
The Faithless have enslaved countless of my people and forced us to work and fight for them.
For generations, we've suffered, powerless to stop it. But Nisha and Kiro have shown us we can resist.
At night, we sneak into the slave camp below and rescue the most vulnerable vulpera.
We bring them back here until we can secure safe passage out to the dunes, where we have caravans waiting to take them.
It's dangerous, but would you do any less for your people?"

"Sure, we've got vulpera at key points along our escape route.
Just pop out of the cave and head West. Cross the bridge into the ruins and you're home free.

If you need to sneak back in, that's the route."
"Nisha's stirring up trouble down at the slave camp. Just head West out of this cave, and head down the first ramp on your right.
When in doubt, listen for the sounds of sethrak dying and go toward 'em. She'll be close by."

"Zuldazar, one of the only other cities to survive the Sundering and still thrive. At their pinnacle, the Zandalari Empire ruled half the world. In Suramar, we still warn our children of the trolls and their dark ways.
We saw them as blood thirsty savages. But looking at this... well, it is easy to wonder who actually needs the other: the Zandalari or the Horde."

Kul Tiras

  • Toute la ville de Havrebrune est victime d'une étrange malédiction qui semble les avoir figés dans le temps.
  • La malédiction semble être l’œuvre des sorcières du Sabbat.
  • Il faut détruire des effigies maudites pour entrer en contact avec la Maison Malvoie.
  • Les Drust sont un peuple de barbares qui peuplait Kul Tiras avant les premiers colons.
  • La magie semble troubler les anciens esprits Drust.
  • Certains prêtres Chantorage sont corrompus.
Image de Dialogues Kul Tiras
Image de Dialogues Kul Tiras
Image de Dialogues Kul Tiras
Spoilers (Déplier)

From the sewers of Freehold comes a tortollan brigand who makes it his duty to "turtley" hurt you. He is the Dynamo of Defense... the Sergeant of Shell Shock... the Hellion in a Half-Shell... Ludwig!
Without further ado, here comes a dangerous duo from across the sea. A peerless pair of gladiatorial beasts that strikes fear in the hearts of the most stalwart warriors.
The Hungry Hungry Harbingers of Doom... the Brutal Bisect of Blubber and Birds... the Deadly Double Destroyers... Gryff and Stevin!
Amazing! These sweaty scallywags found a way to best Gryff and Stevin! There is only one challenger left, and he needs no introduction.
Our champion that sleeps with the fishes... literally! The Freehold Fanatic... the Master of the Jagged Jawbone Jab... the Powerful Pugilist Predator... Trothak the Shark Puncher!
"The mayor, along with the rest of the residents of Fallhaven, appears to be under the effects of some unfamiliar magic. While still breathing, he is unable to move or respond.
You'll need to find a way to break this curse if you want his help in contacting House Waycrest.>"
"If it could be destroyed, the spell might be broken.>"
The man you are looking for is named Carentan. His shop is upstairs, at the south end of town.
Now, this is important: The scroll you're trading for is sealed with green wax. It MUST be green!
I suppose I'll return to Boralus empty-handed for now. Meet me there with the scroll and we shall work out your compensation.
That shon of a wench took off with our -hic- jewel. We shpent all that time carvin' it out thish shtupid thing and whatsh he do? -hic-$b$bHe jush leavesh in the middle of the -hic- night. We were gonna shell that thing and be shtinkin' rich! -hic-$b$b$b$bShay, you have any gold on you, $gmishter:mish;?
Where's this person who took the jewel?
Haha, that'sh the funny part. Lishen, he went and got himshelf -hic- caught! Shtupid shcallywag tried to kill shomeone.$b$bThey got him over in the prishon with the resht of the trash -hic-. If he'sh shtill got it on him, I'm willin' -hic- to bet the only way you'll get it from him ish by pryin' it from -hic- hish dead handsh.$b$bShay, you won't try to kill me too, will ya? -hic- I ain't never done nothing to ya.$b$bLishten, I'll jusht go shomewhere else and shober -hic- up. Shailor's honor, haha.
Nope, don't worry about me, $gmishter:mish;. -hic- I'll jusht be on my way now... uh... where the hell am I?$b$bLishten, let me just shober up here for a bit and by the -hic- time you're back, I'll have cleared out. I shwear.
Health depleting. Require assistance.
Primary targeting f-f-failing...
System power running low.
If you had seen what I seen, you do deh same. Come inside. I show yah!
Children of the sea, today is the dawn of a new age for us all.
No more will we work our fields and build our ships for the haughty Boralus elite to give nothing in return.
House Stormsong must take control of this shattered kingdom and restore it to glory!
We must work as one and muster our strength. Kul Tiras will forever belong to its people!
Our mighty tidesages shall guide us all to victory with the very power of the sea itself!
Together we shall return to the tides. Together we shall be powerful again!
Choose to help Longfang and end the stalemate.
Bella, I'll need you to follow this one and carry the supplies they find, okay?
Yah! Ride to Arom's Stand, Bella!
I can't believe we're here! My father used to tell me stories about this place.
It contains an ancient secret of our house, from back when the Waycrests first settled this land.
We just need to find the entrance!
That's it! The way is opening!
Long ago, when Kul Tiras was first settled, our people encountered a savage group of warmongering barbarians. They called themselves the Drust.
Drustvar was their ancestral home. It was from here that they launched endless raids into our fledgeling hamlets.
This carried on for countless years, until the ancestors of House Waycrest decided that something had to be done.
Wait... what was that?
Look out!
I'm sorry, $c. The coven's magic must be disturbing the spirits of the ancient Drust. We'll have to be careful.
My ancestors fought against stone constructs much like these in their war against the Drust.
The Waycrests have always been hearty folk, but the Drust's magic was strong. We were losing the war...
Wait... look out!
Thank you, $c. I thought that one had me for a moment.
As I was saying, the tide of the war shifted when our scholars began to uncover weaknesses in the Drust's magic.
They compiled what they learned into a treatise on weapons and tactics that could be used to defeat the barbarians.
Armed with this knowledge, our men started driving the Drust back into their mountain holds.
Hmm... It looks like some rubble blocks the way ahead. Can you clear the way?
Here it is... the last resting place of the Order of Embers. Are you ready to revive ancient history?
If you are prepared to follow the path of the Order, take up the book.
The knowledge within will grant you, as well as our forces, the edge needed to destroy the foul coven that plagues our land.
Thus is reborn the Order of Embers.
Now then, I believe we have some witches to kill.
Tell Marshal Reade that Quartermaster Notley is reporting for duty!
Very well, I'll ready the supplies posthaste.
Wisdom would favor waiting for the storm to clear before venturing into such hostile territory.
However, time is often the enemy of wisdom.
Thank you for your assistance, as well as relaying my orders. I will report to Marshal Reade.
Welcome to Fletcher's Hollow, $c. Sorry for the mess, but we've got a bit of a wicker problem on our hands.
Unless you plan on lending a hand, I suggest you move along.
Cagney fished this girl out of the water with his ferry - said she was trying to escape the foundry.$B$BDoesn't surprise me one bit that the Ashvane Company is putting kids to work. I was barely older than her when the gangs in Boralus had me picking pockets and distracting guards for them.$B$BIn this world, the weaker you are, the more people take advantage of you.
Send those kids to the western edge of the foundry. I'll wait there and make sure nobody tries to snatch 'em.
Meet me there when you've got some information on those shipments.
Never thought I'd be stickin' my neck out again for Cyrus.$B$BCourse I also never thought either of us would live this long!
Peeling back the wrapping, you see the glint of gunmetal within the crate.
The unmistakable scent of gunpowder wafts from this crate.
Thousands of balls of musket shot are bundled carefully inside this crate.
The cutlasses in this crate have a familiar sheen on their blades.
You see hundreds of fuses leading into small vials of glimmering powder.
Lord Brannon and the others have departed for Stormsong Valley to warn of the corruption within the priests. I will bring the information back to Boralus.
Thank you for aiding me. I know not the implications of our discovery, but I'm happy we were able to save some of the people here.
Fish, fresh from Tuskarr boats!
Nothing like a freshly-caught fish for supper!
The best fish in the market, no "trout" about it!
Aaaah! Try distracting him with a toy!
Below us! Look out!
Watch out! They've got cannons firing upon our position! Take 'em out with some cluster shot!
We need to check the accuracy of the gun before we can do anything else, so why not get rid of a few of those naga at the same time?
Being tall means it takes longer for my emotions to reach their maximum potential.$B$BBe patient.
Listen here, $Glad:lassie;... I, er... fergot what I was goin' ta say, but best ta keep yer hands ta yerself 'round here.$B$BWouldn't want ya bleedin' all over me equipment.
Giant incoming! Hey, I that's the guy that wrecked our ship! Time for some pay-back!!
I've got just the thing to deal with him. Let em have it!
What are you doing out here?
I may be a wee lass, but I swing me hammer harder than most o' the Horde filth ye'll come across out here.
Quite an interesting shield. Where did you get it?
This old thing?$B$B$B$BLook around. Where do ye think I got it?
Due to several recent disappearances, a new curfew will be strictly enforced in Fallhaven.
For your protection, all villagers are expected to retire to their homes no later than sundown.
In addition, we have received reports of dangerous creatures in the foothills. Anyone with business outside the town limits is urged to use caution.
Please report any suspicious persons or activity to Mayor White at once.
Dear Foreman Staughton, I apologize for the delay in the latest butchery shipment.
I was given some plant scraps by the kindly old woman down the way for my pig feed, but I'm afraid it may have been tainted.
My swine have become afflicted with a malady that makes them unusually aggressive. It has been difficult to corral them for transport.
I will attempt another shipment by week's end.
Dearest Husband... I don't know who you think you're fooling, but I've seen you sneaking out into the foothills while you think I'm asleep.
Whatever it is you're up to, it better not involve that crazy woman in the woods.
She's a dangerous one... but not half as dangerous as I'll be if I find out you're up to no good!
You hear that, boys? The mainlander's gonna help us take our town back!
Let's hope you brought an army in that pack of yours.
Alright, boys, let's secure this road so we can get these bystanders out of harm's way.
$C, take a position with them and hold off any attacks from the town!
Looks like they're onto us. Protect the civilians!
More attackers from the town! Hold your position!
Looks like they're sending in the big guns! Brace yourselves, boys!
That's the last of the villagers. With any luck, they'll make it to Fallhaven unscathed.
A word of warning, $c. Avoid the mine at all costs.
I don't know what they're up to, but the magic coming out of that place seems to sap your very life away.
I've already lost two good men in there. Don't make yourself the third.
Sisters of the coven, take heed.
The miners at Fletcher's Hollow have stumbled upon a previously undisturbed ruin hidden deep within the Elderstone Mine.
The tomb inside may hold powerful relics that could prove useful for our coven's rituals.
Do what you must to secure the town. I will arrive shortly to investigate the ruins personally.
Where are the fish most plentiful today?
I will inform the fishermen.
I am preparing to head toward the monster grounds. Please, give me your blessing!
I feel your blessing course through me. My deepest thanks.
We are making an excursion into the deep waters. How do the tides fair?
Then we have no need to worry. Thank you!
We must make an excursion into the deeper water. What is the best course to take?
We will experience safety with your guidance.
Send the fishermen to the dock by the market. Many fish swim there today.
My blessing will keep you safe even in the water.
The tides surge strongly in the east but stay calm here in the west.
The sirens are out in full force today, but do not leave the soil. Steer clear of islands and you shall be prosperous.
The coven will swallow all!
The coven will claim you...
So much to do, so little time!$b$bI must bless the fishermen and their equipment, read the tides for omens, pray for the return of our sailors...
This town belongs to the coven, interloper!
You will fall before the matron...
Do you have any seaweed? Therold needs it for an antidote.
You should not have interfered!
My sisters will avenge me...
I'm sorry, $c. We're completely out of seaweed. Everybody has felt too ill to go into the water to harvest. Give Therold my apologies.
Kul Tiras shattered. My master, Lord Stormsong, now focuses inward.
I often wonder whether he is right.
Addington! By the depths...
I heard there are spies! What do I do?
Lambs to the slaughter.
"Something wicked stirs in the woods, mainlander. At night, the ancient Drust monument at its heart glows with unholy power.
If I were you, I would give that place a wide berth in your travels."
The ocean's mists hide much, but this beacon shall let us reach them.
A bit waterlogged, but still legible. These incantations will serve us well.
Unleash your power!
We must not let these lost souls wander any longer. I would have words with you, $p.
The blood of Azeroth flows through you!
Sea to sea, ashes to ashes, tide to tide.
The ground will consume you!
The currents will carry ye, oh fallen.
Tidefather cleanse your wicked flesh.
May the abyssal depths welcome your weary soul.
Your intrepid spirit will rest forevermore.
Ebb and flow, from shelf to shore, your spirit's woes.
Fear not, brother. The waves judge not your surface.
Wonder not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.
Hear the storm's song, and know peace.
Let your soul wash away from its mortal shell, and flow into the waters.
The fisherman stares obsessively at the water, mumbling to himself. His lips are cracked, his hands bleeding, and his body is covered with cuts and scratches - likely from the ravenous birds swarming the coastline.
It looks like he hasn't moved from this spot in days.
He is clearly under the coven's spell, but unlike others you've seen, he's able to move and speak, but he doesn't address you when you approach.>"
Freehold is a "free people's port." Unlike Boralus, it has no rules or regulations about what vessels are allowed to dock.
Privateers, mercenaries. Even pirates are welcome. Naturally, it's a, uh... colorful town.
I've never seen it this busy before. Something big is going down.
One day while Lord Arom was hunting for food in the forest he came upon a massive white stag.
The stag had been attacked by the Drust and had killed many but was injured.
Lord Arom's people needed food and the massive deer would feed many, but he decided not to strike.
"Anyone who can fight off so many Drust is someone I wish to have in my forests," he thought. So Lord Arom healed the stag's injuries.
The stag bounded into the woods and Arom made camp.
In the night, the Drust attacked!
Lord Arom stood against ten warriors! He fought valiantly and with cunning but he was out numbered and surrounded!
Determined to take down as many warriors as he could, he held his ground.
A mighty bellow came from the forest!
The white stag returned and trampled some of the Drust!
The he turned and vanished into the woods. Since then, the valiant and true have found shelter with the White Stag of the forest.
Interesting. I hadn't realized the constructs came later as part of his desperation to win.
This isn't Drust. It's a Kul Tiran carving over a Drust Monolith.
That's Lord Arom Waycrest when he was just a Colonel leading the final assault. And there... That is Gorak Tul being stabbed by Waycrest.
Histories of this event always say Lord Arom killed Gorak Tul and his army fell thereafter. But here you can see all his constructs shattering as he is stabbed and his power broken. There was some connection.
But... Tul isn't shown dead. Wounded and broken but not dead. I would have expected to see his body carved in stone.
You keep an eye out for your friend. I'll keep my eyes on the road.
Zem'lan's port is to the south. Ships haven't sailed into its dockyard for years, but it's still our best chance to get what Kiro and
Nisha need for their attack on the sethrak.
I will find her, or die trying.
I'm telling you, Arthur, you should not allow this. Our daughter marrying a common merchant!?
Lucy is just following her heart, Meredith. Just as I did when I wed you...
Her heart isn't doing our house any favors...
While I'm thankful for your help, I would appreciate you not rummaging through my daughter's undergarments...
I don't think I left them with Lucy's letters, but I guess it's good to check.
Why would my husband put his notebook in Lucille's pack? Are you daft!?
We're looking for a book. Don't you think we would've already checked the bookcase?

Les vulpera

  • Vous aidez les vulpera à combattre les Sethrak (hommes serpents) à Vol'dun.
  • Une partie des vulpera ont été réduits à l'esclavage et vous aidez à les libérer.
Une vulpera de Zandalar

Une vulpera de Zandalar

Glory and honor to you, $p.
There are powerful entities down there, $p. Let wisdom guide your strikes and your choices.
Whatever's going on down there, just take the water and get out. Don't get involved.
Make it flashy, if you can. We want to really impress Sumber.
Just look for big puddles of water. There's not many in Vol'dun. They should be easy to spot.
Ack! This water moves so quickly. I can't control it!
I am impressed. You were wise to bring me this essence.
You're welcome, Sumber. My friend and I are happy to aid you however we can.
I infused a portion of my power into this totem for you to wield. Use it wisely.
Thank you, Sumber! I want to learn everything you can teach a small vulpera like me.
Your size is of no import. Your spirit is bigger than any I've met in these hills.

Every sethrak killed is ten vulpera saved.
We don't outnumber the sethrak, so we gotta outsmart them.
HAH! It be working, keep stabbin'!

A sethrak skull will send the perfect message.
The vulpera are not weak. They will fear us!
The sethrak stole one of our banners? That gives me an idea!
Now they will know who is killing them. The vulpera!

The vulpera have been slaves for too long.

"Look around you. These are the abused bodies of my family, my friends, my kin.
The Faithless have enslaved countless of my people and forced us to work and fight for them.
For generations, we've suffered, powerless to stop it. But Nisha and Kiro have shown us we can resist.
At night, we sneak into the slave camp below and rescue the most vulnerable vulpera.
We bring them back here until we can secure safe passage out to the dunes, where we have caravans waiting to take them.
It's dangerous, but would you do any less for your people?"
"Sure, we've got vulpera at key points along our escape route.
Just pop out of the cave and head West. Cross the bridge into the ruins and you're home free.
If you need to sneak back in, that's the route."
"Nisha's stirring up trouble down at the slave camp. Just head West out of this cave, and head down the first ramp on your right.
When in doubt, listen for the sounds of sethrak dying and go toward 'em. She'll be close by."
"Kiro's hard to keep track of. Always on the move, always working on some big plan.
Last I heard, he was heading down into the gulch to steal supplies or sabotage the cannons or something."

Any further bids for the vulpera? They will serve you well!
Get your own vulpera here, plenty of energy!
You won't get another chance at a vulpera quite like these!

Get yer vulpera steaks, freshly cooked!
Bring a vulpera head, get a discount on your first purchase!

You will no longer enslave the vulpera!
The vulpera are lowborn, you only exist to serve my empire!
Then prepare to die by this lowborn's hand!

Gallywix et les gobelins

  • Gallywix découvre que l'Azerite se vend au marché noir.
  • Plusieurs cartels se sont emparés de points de récolte d'Azerite et gênent les affaires des Gobelins.
  • Gallywix vous envoie les éliminer.
  • Les Gobelins sont à la recherche de Kaja'mite, une substance présente à Kezan qui leur confère de l'intelligence.
  • Les Zandalaris utilisent de la Kaja'mite dans leurs rituels.

So this is where all the black market azerite has been comin' from, eh? Not a bad operation.
Just one problem... it don't belong to me! That's where you come in.
Teach these Venture Company upstarts that there's nothin' they got that I can't take.
I wanna see explosions, mayhem, and off-the-charts violence! You know... the stuff you do best.
Ha! Look at those chumps gettin' crushed. Those elementals are really layin' on the hurt.
Seriously though, better destroy 'em before they start hurtin' my profits.
Great job! Now for the real heroics to begin... Signin' all these forms to take ownership of the mine. All nice and official-like.
I'll admit, watchin' you work almost makes me consider cuttin' you in for a share of the profits.
I'm not gonna, of course... but I thought about it. For almost a whole second!
These Venture Company upstarts are floodin' the black market with azerite, which is bad for everybody.
So I'm pleased you Alliance types see the wisdom in my business proposition.
We can keep this our little secret. What Sylvanas don't know won't hurt her, am I right?
Now that it's finally official, there's only one thing left to do... Get your Alliance butts off my newly acquired island!
Did you really think I'd share the spoils? That's adorable! At least you've still got your honor... for all the good that'll do you.

This is so exciting! The first real potential kaja'mite find since the Lost Isles. I can hardly contain myself!
What's kaja'mite?
"What's kaja'mite? It's a powerful resource that gives you ideas!
It was discovered on Kezan thousands of years ago, and we goblins mined and refined it. Some experts say that kaja'mite is what gave the goblins our incredible intelligence in the first place.
The Zandalari use kaja'mite too. For some reason. Probably for rituals. But according to goblin law, all kaja'mite belongs to goblins!"
Husband, please attend to our guests.
No! You won't take him from me!
I will never let him go!
Our bond can never be broken!
Don't say I not be warnin' you, little gobbos. That gorge be abandoned for good reason.
Oh, because of a few wild gorillas? Nothing our friend can't handle! Isn't that right, chump? I mean chum.
This could mean big things for us. Big! Now if only there were some friendly gorillas to help us out with that kaja'mite...
My friend, my comrades and I are not warlike. We will not assist with your foolish endeavor.
But... but... think of the moolah!
Moo... lah?

You better be here to make me money!
Make it snappy, kid.
Let's get down to business.
No time like the present... to get rich!
Time. Money. You get the drift.
Penny for my thoughts? Gotta do better than that!
Step right up, pal.
I got a card game to get back to.
Thanks for keepin' it short, pal.
We done? Gotta get to my lobe massage appointment.
This conversation stays between us. Got it?
Move along. I got deadlines to meet!
Leave the thinkin' to me, kid.
I'm always three steps ahead of the competition.
A body doesn't get into this kinda shape by accident. I take gluttony very seriously.
You're just jealous of my pleasure palace!
Move along, before I call in the muscle. I'm a personal friend of the warchief, you know.
They are trying to escape! Fire on their locations!

I did it, I made it out!
Ye sure ye didn't hit anything on the way here?
What'd ye say happened ta yer cart here? This'll take a bit ta get it runnin' again.
Not sure what road ye took ta get here, but I haven't seen damage like this in quite some time.
I've got the parts ta get 'er up and runnin', but it's gonna take time.
Oi! That's mine!
Watch your grubby hands!
Git outta here!

The last "hero" who pestered me ended up reassigned to a construction project... as part of the foundation.

Hey! That diary was mine!
You did a good job findin' it, but those pages were written by our missin' friend. They may be da only clues we have about where ta find her.
Send the signal. Let's get out of here!
You ever been to Tol Barad?
When in doubt, blow it up.
Watch your back around here!
There's big treasure here somewhere.
"Used to run with a partner just like you.
He blew up!"
Can't ever use too much explosives!
Bomb beats Rock, Bomb beats scissors, Bomb beats everything!


Eskrokar est un troll qui a fait son apparition à Shattrath en Outreterre à l'époque de Burning Crusade. Il était connu pour vendre des objets complètement inutiles à des prix exorbitants.

  • Eskrokar est de retour pour vendre des objets toujours aussi farfelus !
  • Un totem de flammes qui brûle depuis de Rastakhan est sur le trône.
  • Un totem de chuchottement pour espionner les ennemis et les alliés.
  • Un totem d'invincibilité.
  • De l'Azeite en bouteille.

"My kind are keepers and collectors of knowledge.
It is my job to ensure our discoveries are properly archived."
Griftah's guarantee: Don't ask questions, get a discount!

Dis totem's flame has burned bright ever since King Rastakhan first sat on da throne. Own dis piece of Zandalari history today!
Spy on ya enemies, keep an eye on ya friends, sneak a peak at the royal chambers... all with dis incredible whispering wisps totem!
If Vol'jin had had his trusty invulnerability totem with him on da Broken Shore, he'd still be wit' us today. Don't make da same mistake!
Blessings and shouts are outdated! Only Azerite can give you da strength needed for today's dangerous and demanding world.
Drink bottled azerite today!
Amazing amulets! Incredible curios! I got special deals for top-notch traders!
Psst, $p, ya ever wanted to punch someone in da face but knew ya couldn't? I got da solution fer ya right here!

Jeu d'Arcane

  • Jeu d'Arcane semble être un mini-jeu.
  • Il s'agit d'un puzzle game qui composé de plusieurs niveaux de difficultés.

This mysterious arcane console lights up under the touch of your hand. Page after page of instructions flitter across the central panel. The language is unclear, but the iconography is self-apparent:$bLots of skulls.$b$bThis is WizSweeper, a most dangerous game wherein one must traverse an arcane mine field and identify all of the booby-trapped areas. Instant death rewards the slightest mis-step.$b$bYou wonder why anyone would want to do this for fun.

You do your best to interpret the pictographs and ignore the persistent warnings about instantaneous death.$b$bThe WizSweeper console will generate a hexagonal grid, sensitive to one's footsteps. Several of the hexagons are "mined" and will obliterate the player. Alternatively, stepping on a "safe" tile will reveal the count of adjacent mines.$b$bThe object is to "clear" the field by revealing all of the safe tiles and by marking all of the dangerous ones with the little white flags provided.$b$bIt's unclear why the game feels it necessary to murder players who step on the wrong tile.

"---------------$b LEVEL 2$b---------------$b

The console beeps and chirps, recognizing you by the touch of your hand. The rules appear to have changed, and the pictographs now indicate that there is a timer involved.$b$bPenalty for not completing the puzzle in time seems to be pain rather than death. That's nice."

"---------------$b LEVEL 3$b---------------$b

The console greets you warmly, despite its repeated attempts to murder you.$b$bThe symbols related to the next level of challenge seem to indicate that you should be expecting less hints, less time, and more mines."

"---------------$b LEVEL 4$b---------------$b

The console responds to your familiar touch, lighting up a series of hexagonal patterns and playing happy music.$b$bIt is difficult to interpret the ancient symbols that crawl across the central display, but your understanding of the next difficulty level is that the majority of players who attempt it are mercilessly killed.$b$bOn the plus side, bonus time is now available from one of the hexes."

"------------------------------$bMAXIMUM DIFFICULTY$b------------------------------$b

The console hums and whistles as you place your hand on it. The central display flashes with a never-ending cascade of glyphs, most accompanied by skulls or faces with ""X""s over the eyes. Bonus time is available on this level, but one of the bonus timers is booby-trapped.$b$bHappy music plays. Is the console wishing you good luck with the most difficult challenge? Or is it saying goodbye?"


The Void consumes all.
All will become shadow.
All will be consumed.
No hope... no life.
All will fall.
All will be lost.
The empire will be reborn!
Azeroth is ours.
Pointless... all will be... darkness...
The Void comes... for all...
The masters... stir...
You... have won... nothing...
Insignificant... against... the... Void...
No victory... for you... only... death...
See the truth... of your doom...

To think the trolls may have been sitting on the archaeological find of the millenium!
Do not forget our purpose here. We must find the Eye before the Alliance can.


We left our mountain for this?
The Explorer's League certainly likes taking their sweet time with digging, when there's a war to be won.
The Dark Iron don't mind the heat. But this humidity...
By the time we finish digging here, the Horde will be halfway to Ironforge!

And their kids, too! I can rig up a photobooth and dino plushies. You'd get a cut, of course, Jangalar. 70-30 or something. In my favor as the idea woman.
If we weren't here to keep an eye on the Dark Iron, who knows what they would do?
I wish the Explorer's League could have spared more of their people on this expedition.
The Horde are close, be wary!
The sooner we find what we're looking for and sail away, the better.
Those sailors should be spending their time keeping an eye on the Horde, not on us.


Have anything ancient to trade? Needs to be at least two centuries old.
Greetings sir and or maam.
Step closer and don't mumble.
I've seen things that would scare you white.
Come back with some better stories.
If you find anything exotic, bring it to me.
Not everything in the ocean is as good looking or nice mannered as I.
Fine, leave. I was done talking to you anyway.
Pretty soon I'll be as old as you!
I like to roll!
How you carry your stuff without a shell?
When I grow up, I am going to read ALL of the things!
Tortol tortol tortol, I rolling everywhere. Tortol tortol tortol, my feetsies in the air.
I am aphoobias... afavulous... ah... grrr... amphibious.
I like water.
Good swimming.

Brigade gob

"PLACEHOLDER SCENE - Patch orders the gob squad gun to fire at the giant construct.
Shot: Up close view of the gun starting to fire with the construct on the triangulation point in the distance."
"PLACEHOLDER SCENE - The gun fires and impacts, but a magical barrier protects the construct.
Shot: View from near the triangulation point of the shot exploding on a magic barrier. The artillery gun is in the distance."
"PLACEHOLDER SCENE - Grand Mada Ateena, the blood troll matriarch, laughes and taunts you for failing.
Scene: Camera swings down and looks up at Ateena, the construct is shown behind her, protected and unscathed."
"PLACEHOLDER SCENE - Gob Squad cannon fires another shot.
Shot: Up close view of the cannon preparing to fire."
"PLACEHOLDER SCENE - The shot connects, blasting hard into the construct. After a moment, it lists hard and falls over and collapses through the floor.
Shot: Wide shot of the construct platform, slight pan downwards following the construct as it plummets into the depths."

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Joueur de World of Warcraft et de Hearthstone, Arimatras contribue à modérer le réseau Mamytwink, tout en rédigeant de temps en temps des articles sur Mamytwink.com et Hearthstone-Decks.

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Sympathique tout ça !
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Blizzard n'a pas intérêt à tuer Malfurion. Ok ils l'ont rendu assez ridicule dans ses dialogues à Légion, mais ce n'est pas une personne qui a été inutile dans l'histoire de WoW. On perd déjà Teldrassil, j'espère qu'ils vont en profiter pour rendre Malfurion plus sérieux et crédible !

Sinon, cela semble s'opposer à toutes les théories du style "La Horde n'est pas coupable, c'est Genn qui a tout manigancé"
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Erf, je suis dégoûté qu'on attaque teldrassil reste à savoir ce qui a déclenché ça
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Donc c'est bien la horde qui démarre les hostilités !
On va pas laisser passer ça ! BASTOOOOOOOOOOOON
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Citation de fenroninErf, je suis dégoûté qu'on attaque teldrassil reste à savoir ce qui a déclenché ça

Un peu pareil, j'espère qu'il y aura une raison plus valable qu'une simple lubie de Sylvanas.

Moi ce qui me fait (entre autre) aimer Warcraft et surtout la Horde c'est que pour une fois dans un univers médiéval-fantastique les "pas-beaux" orcs, trolls, morts-vivants et compagnie ne sont pas cantonnés à être les méchants de service mais sont des peuples à part entière qui cherchent à survivre et à se défendre au même titre que des humains ou des elfes.

Alors si maintenant avec Sylvanas on devient la faction de méchants c*nnards qui voulons dominer le monde et tout brûler sur notre passage c'est vraiment plus la peine. -_-'
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Citation de Viriathus
Citation de fenroninErf, je suis dégoûté qu'on attaque teldrassil reste à savoir ce qui a déclenché ça

Un peu pareil, j'espère qu'il y aura une raison plus valable qu'une simple lubie de Sylvanas.

Moi ce qui me fait (entre autre) aimer Warcraft et surtout la Horde c'est que pour une fois dans un univers médiéval-fantastique les "pas-beaux" orcs, trolls, morts-vivants et compagnie ne sont pas cantonnés à être les méchants de service mais sont des peuples à part entière qui cherchent à survivre et à se défendre au même titre que des humains ou des elfes.

Alors si maintenant avec Sylvanas on devient la faction de méchants c*nnards qui veulent dominer le monde et tout brûler sur notre passage c'est vraiment plus la peine. -_-'

Il y avait déjà des théories selon laquelle on brûle teldrassil car l'arbre monde est déjà infecté par le cauchemar (comme tous les autres)
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Perso je pense que tous ça est voulu et planifier depuis assez longtemps par les DTA, quand Vol'Jin dit que les esprits lui on soufflé un nom pour le nouveau chef de guerre, y a fort soupons de murmure de DTA là. Idem quand Anduin revois son père devant la tombe de Sargeras, cella peut très bien être un DTA (on sais qu'il l'on déjà fait à Wotlk). Toute cette guerre entre horde et alliance n'est qu'un trac nard pour nous divisé. Je parie même que l'Azerite elle même est en partie corrompu (on peux le lire dans les dialogues des "Sans Visage" "Azeroth est nôtre").
Citation de Viriathus
Citation de fenroninErf, je suis dégoûté qu'on attaque teldrassil reste à savoir ce qui a déclenché ça

Un peu pareil, j'espère qu'il y aura une raison plus valable qu'une simple lubie de Sylvanas.

Moi ce qui me fait (entre autre) aimer Warcraft et surtout la Horde c'est que pour une fois dans un univers médiéval-fantastique les "pas-beaux" orcs, trolls, morts-vivants et compagnie ne sont pas cantonnés à être les méchants de service mais sont des peuples à part entière qui cherchent à survivre et à se défendre au même titre que des humains ou des elfes.

Alors si maintenant avec Sylvanas on devient la faction de méchants c*nnards qui veulent dominer le monde et tout brûler sur notre passage c'est vraiment plus la peine. -_-'

Tkt ils vont expliquer qu'en fait ils étaient manipulés par l'Azerite et hop tout sera pardonné.. ><"
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Malfurion en sueur , vivement le retour d'Illidan infusé du pouvoir des titans.
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