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Dialogues dataminés : Vol'jin, Incendie de Teldrassil et bataille de Boralus [SPOILERS]

Vendredi 23 mars 2018 à 14h42, par

battle for azeroth : de nouveaux dialogues datamines [spoilers]

Le build 26287 de l'alpha de Battle for Azeroth ajoute un nombre important de dialogues et textes dans le jeu.

Les lignes de dialogues dataminées par Wowhead présentent de nouvelles informations au sujet de l'incendie de Teldrassil. Il est également question du retour de Vol'jin, tué au rivage brisé, dont l'histoire semble se poursuivre.

Découvrez les principales informations et les dialogues dataminés à la suite de cet article. Attention, ces informations constituent des spoilers qui peuvent vous gâcher l'intrigue de la prochaine extension.



  • Vol'jin a été tué au rivage brisé et incinéré.
  • Une quête vous demande de récupérer ses cendres.
  • Vol'jin semble être de retour, plus puissant qu'auparavant.
  • Ndlr.: Vol'jin pourrait être ressuscité sous forme de Loa, un esprit vaudou des Trolls.
L'urne funéraire dans laquelle reposent les cendres de Vol'jin

L'urne funéraire dans laquelle reposent les cendres de Vol'jin

Search, minions. Find the ashes of Vol'jin and bring them to me.
Crush da Darkspear and find me those ashes.
Where are you hiding him, Darkspear? Where is my old friend?
Where? Where are you hiding Vol'jin? How are you hiding him?
Minions! Slay their champion and bring me da ashes of Vol'jin. NOW!
You cannot hide him from me forever. I will have my revenge on Vol'jin and all of da Darkspear!
I have learned much by watching Bwonsamdi as he tortured my soul. Let me show you some of his style of voodoo.
You think you can win? You can only delay ya destiny.
You think destroyin' my body gonna stop me from ripping you apart?
What? Vol'jin... you could not have grown so strong without becoming... a...

Years ago, I trained Zalazane and Vol'jin to master their craft. I never would have guessed how their destinies would shake de world.

Incendie de Teldrassil

L'incendie de Teldrassil est l'événement déclencheur de la grande guerre ouverte entre la Horde et l'Alliance.

  • La Horde cherche à détruire tous les feu follets de Teldrassil.
  • La Horde cherche également à s'emparer de la pierre de lune.


These wisps are nothing but pests. Insects to crush between your fingers. Stifle their light one by one and soon the sky will fill with darkness.
That's exactly the kind of message I want to send to Malfurion. Excellent work.
Azerite has surfaced amongst the ruins of Darkshore. We must not allow the alliance to gather a single shred!
Very nice, champion. I will have it added to our reserves.
The Kaldorei bear pendants made of Moonstone. This gem is a power source to them -- let's see if we can't make it a power source for us instead. Gather their pendants by any means necessary.
I will have our enchanters infuse these with azerite immediately. Your contributions are appreciated.
The Kaldorei use moonwells to replenish their strength in battle. Gather as much moonwell essence as you'd like before you... render them unable to collect any more. Are we understood?
The moonwell essence is yours to keep, hero. Feel free to... liberate... the Kaldorei of any moonwells they may construct in the future.
Your efforts are needed elsewhere, champion. I have a team of goblins ready to scour for the rest.
My dark rangers could use your help, champion. Lend your aid to all that you may find!
Our largest ships always carry a tidesage to navigate through storms, withstand heavy seas, and put wind in their sails.
Thank you. They must have miscalculated their attacks. Surely they know to stay behind the vanguard...
One way or the other, we need their help now more than ever.
The weapons you have reclaimed will prove useful in our efforts. You have my thanks.
It sounds like there's shooting practice going on in the training area. I bet you could show the other cadets a thing or two about using a cannon.
Nice shooting, hero! I do feel bad for whoever is fetching those cannonballs though.
We have some wind riders available to us. Gather our explosives and wreak havoc on that wisp wall. One by one, we will send a message to Malfurion.
They're not nearly as resilient as they appear, are they champion? One by one, they fall.
The Alliance wishes to use siege weaponry against us? How admirable. Show them what a Horde Demolisher can do.
So the ancients want to come out and play, eh? Let us give them a rude awakening.
Imagine. To sleep for thousands of years only to awaken for this. Such a pity.
That night elf commander is testing my patience. Break her.
Poor thing, she barely got a chance to swing.
Our army outnumbers Malfurion's soldiers ten to one! We must push further in to Darkshore while we still have this advantage!
My faith in you was well-placed, soldier. Now, give some time for the rest of our army to catch up -- will you?
The Kaldorei are stronger at night. We must eliminate their threat before nightfall! Arm yourself and meet me in the fray!
We have stricken a significant blow to their reserves, hero. Well done.
Do not relent, hero! These elves are feral and would do you no such favor.
You must kill or be killed in times of war. There is nothing else to say.
The Alliance have begun to find the footholds we have established Darkshore! We must not lose ground! We must defend what progress we have made so far!
It is effort like yours that I wish to see in all of my soldiers, champion. You fight with such finesse and fervor.
The Kaldorei appear to have mustered reinforcements. This one should prove to be a challenge. Die well, hero. Never surrender.
I never doubted you for a second.

I have just received word that Saurfang has crested the mountains between Darkshore and Felwood. Meet him at Shatterspear Vale and ensure that his passage is secure.
You're the right tool for the job, champion.
Another commander. Boy was she ever in the wrong place at the wrong time. Dispatch her. We can't risk her gathering reinforcements.
Cut the rose before it can sprout thorns, I always say.
Orcs make a fine soldier but they eat as much as ten dark rangers. Bring a couple of chimaeras back to camp when you return, would you?


The trees of this great forest bend and break in agony as the Horde march deeper in to our lands. We must not allow them any further!
All things must be balanced in nature -- war and peace. Your actions today have given us the respite we will need to persevere.
The ancients have awoken in light of a new threat. Eliminate the horde presence from this place to set them back at ease.
The wisps you see before you, the spirits of our Kaldorei ancestors, are but a shell of who they once were. A wisp is not a remnant of one's consciouness, but instead the primal force of nature that binds us all in harmonious unity. Warm them with your touch, champion. They are frightened and disturbed. Give them peace.
When the wisps are at peace, the forest is at peace. You have my thanks.
The horde already has Azerite weapons. Let's see if we can't get some of them to relinquish them to us, shall we?
These will do just fine, hero. Your contribution today will not be overlooked.
The Horde has arrived in great numbers, and none of them are to be underestimated. This one in particular seems... resilient. Approach with care, hero.
The Horde have established a foothold beyond the borders of Ashenvale -- we must bring it down! Strike quickly!
Burn, baby... burn.
The Horde is trying to steal the essence from our moonwells! Do not allow their filth to desecrate our blessed springs!
Elune smiles upon you, hero. As do I.
It is time to fight fire with fire! We must rid the Horde of their demolishers and push them back to the desolate Barrens where they belong!
I must say... Nice aim, hero. My sentinels could learn a thing or two from you.
Horde saboteurs have crept in among our ranks! Flush them out! Make them bleed as we have!
Though they are immersed in water, those Azerite powderkegs are still quite dangerous. I want you to detonate them before they can float to the surface. Try to keep yourself in one piece, would you?
I sense a disturbance in the north. Could it be? Has the Horde begun to attack us from over the mountains? Investigate, quickly!
I will send as many soldiers as I can muster to this site. Hopefully they can fend it off -- we can't afford a war on two fronts.
The Horde waited until dawn to ambush us! Arm yourself and meet me in the fray!
My archers should be able to handle it from here. Your presence made all the difference, champion. You have my thanks.

Bataille de Boralus

  • Boralus est assiégée par les forces de Dame Corsandre.
  • La Horde fait aussi partie de la bataille.
  • Les soldats de la Horde sauvent des civils, tuent les pirates et contrent les plans de Corsandre.
  • Il est fort possible que ces dialogues soient liés à la version Horde du donjon Siège de Boralus.
Dame Corcendre trahit Katherine Portvaillant et tente de faire détruire Boralus

Dame Corcendre trahit Katherine Portvaillant et tente de faire détruire Boralus

A Kul Tiran officer is attempting to rally a defense. Remove them from the battlefield.
A fine kill. Without their officers, the Kul Tirans will be driven into the sea.
Ashvane's forces are using azerite artillery to assault the city. Claim these munitions for the horde!
Well done. We will wreak havoc on the alliance with these munitions.
Some alliance champions have arrived and are attempting to save the city. Put an end to their efforts.
With you on the field, the alliance will know nothing but defeat.

The pirates are taking civilians as slaves! Stop them!
Well done. The only ones that belong in irons are these thugs.
One of Ashvane's mercenaries is wreaking havoc on the city. Stop them!
Well done. You've taught Ashvane that hired muscle can't match your skill.
Looks like the horde is taking advantage of the siege and looting the city! Stop them from plundering Boralus!
Fine work. You've shown the horde that no enemy will ever take Boralus!

Kul Tiras rejoint l'Alliance

  • L'Alliance est très mal accueillie à Kul Tiras.
  • Après avoir sauvé Boralus de Dame Corsandre, Kul Tiras se joint à l'Alliance.

Good work, though I fear this is turning into another battle from the Second War.
You fought well against the Horde, the people of Kul Tiras will know of your bravery.
The Kul Tirans will be proud to join the Alliance, thanks to your efforts against the Horde.
Not since the Third War have I seen such ferocity in battle against the Horde. Well done.
You have made me proud to call myself an ally of the Alliance.
You've won the battle against the Horde, but the war is far from over. Let's keep moving.

Sanctum Rubis

  • Lors des quêtes pour obtenir la monture de classe Chevalier de la mort, les joueurs ressuscitent un dragon.
  • Pour ce faire, les Chevaliers de la mort tuent des dragons.
  • Les dragons rouges semblent ne pas s'en être bien remis.

"We know of your misdeeds, Death Knight. Your actions helped to save Azeroth from the Burning Legion, but our trust is damaged.

Tread Carefully."
"We do, Deathlord, $n.

We know it was you who assaulted our sanctum. We know you have corrupted and enslaved Kyranastraza.

Those are offenses against Life that will be answered for, one day."
"<Zallestrasza's expression eases slightly.>

That also did not go unnoticed, $n. My people are few and each life is precious.

It does not excuse the offense against my flight, but we acknowledge and appreciate your... restraint. For a being such as you it could not have been easy."
"You are a monster in Arthas's own image, $n. When final death comes for you, I hope you will go slowly, tortured by the pain and suffering you have inflicted on others.

When all the world was engaged in greater matters, you rode across the planet dragging the dead into cursed unlife. I am sure you told yourself it was for the greater good, but mark my words, Deathlord, there will be consequences.

<Zallestrasza gives herself a little shake>

But for now, maybe you can be useful."
The greatest step one can take is the next one, $n. Keep upon this path.

Kaja Cola

  • Le Kaja Cola, la boisson préférée des gobelins, est de retour !
  • Lorsque vous buvez du Kaja Cola, vous avez toutes sortes d'idées farfelues.

Reusable chewing gum! Share it with your friends, your pets? or even strangers!
Toilet paper shotguns! Think of all the time you could save!
Some kind of arcane crystal that makes you better in every way! A bit unstable, maybe, but that's ok!
A whistle that brings flight masters to you!
Cars that drive on water instead of land!
Teldrassil charcoal briquettes! Rich smoky barbecue flavor!
Azerite magic 8 ball? Azerite, or azerwrong?
A pillar, not for supporting the roof, but for holding the floor down!
A love story... about a human and, uh, a Jinyu!
Tactical barbecue tongs!
The Peridot Daydream, for when you want a much shorter nap!
Dual-wielded chainsaw warglaives! Sell 'em to the Illidari!
Weapons-grade cheese.
An all-Goblin bombsledding team!
Recyclable rockets!
Gun-shoes! Wait, no... we did that. Gun SOCKS!
Floatems: totems for when you're on a boat!
Small formal hats for informal hats to wear to formal functions!
A dark bulb! Does the opposite of a light bulb.
We put a tax on robots. Then, we make robot tax collectors! Infinite money!
One hundred suckers dropped onto an island full of weapons! Sell tickets to watch from zeppelins overhead!

Mariage raté

  • Un mariage est gâché par une invasion de monstres.
  • Les mariés sont furieux !

This is supposed to be a happy day!
We didn't even get to dance the funky hawkstrider!
Why is this happening?
This is so much worse than drunk in-laws!
What's going on? What's happening? What are these monsters?
This was supposed to be a nice occasion!
I was on a waiting list for two years for this location!
Do you have any idea how much that cake cost!?
I haven't eaten bread in four months!
How dare you ruin my day!?
Do you know how much it took for me to make this perfect?
I am going to make you pay for ruining my wedding you, you, whatever you are!
You killed the caterer! He hadn't even served the appetizers yet!
You ruined my dress! This dress was perfect! It was imported silk from quel'thalas! The veil was my mothers! How dare you!
Sunshine, we need to go.
I know you're angry but we really need to go now, sunshine.
We can get another cake, but we should go.
I know you're upset Sunshine, but there are actual monsters. We need to leave.

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  • 302 messages

L'étau se resserre pour Malfurion.
  • 137 messages


95 messages

Il y a 2 minutes

J'adore. Et pour indirectement espérer que Malfurion disparaisse de ce jeu, je t'aime encore plus.
  • 34 messages

Je savais qu'un jour, Tyrande allait trahir l'alliance et se joindre à la horde. Mais je trouves un peu pousser le fait qu'on apprend que Sylvanas est sa cousine :p Mais bon, ça va ajouter du bon lore!
  • 302 messages

Citation de Raz>>>Vol'shit<<<

95 messages

Il y a 2 minutes

J'adore. Et pour indirectement espérer que Malfurion disparaisse de ce jeu, je t'aime encore plus.

Malfurion et Tyrande ont fait leurs temps dans Warcraft , plus de 10 000 ans d'existence ... c'est bien assez.
  • 683 messages

"La Horde cherche également à s'emparer de la pierre de lune"

Ah mais oui c'est la fameuse pierre qui change la viande de chèvre en eau douce? xD
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Enfaites c'est plutôt "Kul Tiras retourne dans l'Alliance" vu que c'était une force majeur de celle ci auparavant.
  • 300 messages

Ouais c'est pas faux.
  • 428 messages

La pierre de lune (kek c'est quoi ça)

La perle des marrées..

Décidément la Horde a une fascination pour les objets rond à BFA
  • 189 messages

Citation de Vol'shit
Citation de Raz>>>Vol'shit<<<

95 messages

Il y a 2 minutes

J'adore. Et pour indirectement espérer que Malfurion disparaisse de ce jeu, je t'aime encore plus.

Malfurion et Tyrande ont fait leurs temps dans Warcraft , plus de 10 000 ans d'existence ... c'est bien assez.

en plus il a fait que dormir ce gland pendant qu'elle bossait et meme dans légion il fallait encore allé le sauver ^^'
  • 14 messages

Le retour de Vol'Jin ? TROP COOL !

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