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Dialogues dataminés (Build 26433) : Frère de Jaina et bataille de Lordaeron [SPOILERS]

Samedi 14 avril 2018 à 12h11, par


Un nouveau build de l'alpha de Battle for Azeroth est paru ce vendredi 13 avril dans la soirée. De nouveaux dialogues ont pu être dataminés dans le build 26433.

Ces derniers concernent Jaina Portvaillant, la bataille de Lordaeron ou encore Lillian Voss. On apprend notamment de quelle façon se termine le siège de Lordaeron et l'implication de Sylvanas dans la destruction de la cité.

N'hésitez pas à partager vos avis dans les commentaires. Attention, cet article comporte des spoilers !


Siège de Lordaeron et l'acte de Sylvanas

  • Au cours de deux cinématiques, on découvre le dénouement du Siège de Loraderon.
  • À la fin du siège de Lordaeron, Anduin retrouve Sylvanas dans la salle du trône.
  • Il propose à la reine Banshee de se rendre.
  • Sylvanas refuse et fait exploser la ville.
  • Anduin est rejoint par Jaina.

Sylvanas: Champions, the hour is at hand. The Alliance shall fall upon our blades as they desperately grasp at our prized Lordaeron Keep. Report to High Overlord Saurfang. Teach them the price of their folly. For the Horde!
Anduin: Champions of the Alliance, the time has come for us to claim what is rightfully ours! The final push to retake Lordaeron Keep commences at dawn. The Horde and their Warchief must answer for their crimes!
[CUTSCENE] - Sylvanas is waiting in the throne room when Anduin arrives. Anduin offers her the chance to surrender. Instead, she blows up the entire city. I mean, what did you expect?
[CUTSCENE] - Jaina Arrives! Her forces successfully blast through the wall of Lordaeron Keep! And btw it was *totally* cool.

Lorsqu'elle comprend que la bataille de Lordaeron est perdue, Sylvanas fait exploser toute la ville.

Lorsqu'elle comprend que la bataille de Lordaeron est perdue, Sylvanas fait exploser toute la ville.

La bataille de Lordaeron lors du scénario Alliance

La bataille de Lordaeron lors du scénario Alliance

Tandred Portvaillant

  • Nous découvrons que Jaina a un frère : Tandred Portvaillant.
  • Nous ignorons pour le moment quelle importance il occupera dans l'intrigue de Kul Tiras.

I will honor my father's legacy.
We stand strong together.
What do you ask of House Proudmoore?
May the seas guide you home.
Do the seas call to you as they call to me?
We will set things right.
That bloke in the red shirt over there told me I "wasn't canon." Well, obviously! I'm a mariner, not a cannon!

Départ de l'Alliance pour Kul Tiras

  • Après la fuite de Saucroc et Talanji dans le scénario d'introduction de la Horde, l'Alliance envoie 8 bateaux poursuivre la Horde.
  • Un seul revient au port.
  • Genn explique que si la Horde s'allie aux Zanalaris, l'Alliance ne pourra plus rien.
  • Jaina suggère alors de se rendre à Kul Tiras.

Anduin: Everyone is here. What news do you bring, Spymaster?
Shaw: Jaina, perhaps you could help us see what this survivor has seen?
Shaw: Recently, Horde agents broke into the Stockades and freed two Zandalari prisoners.
Shaw: A princess. And a prophet.
Anduin: I'm aware. What of the eight warships we sent in pursuit?
Shaw: Only one returned.
Shaw: Survivors say they encountered strange and terrifying magics.
Shaw: And a massive Zandalari fleet.
Genn: Impossible! It's one of Sylvanas' tricks. It has to be...
If the Horde makes allies of the Zandalari, we won't have the power to stop them.

Jaina: Then we must make allies of our own.
Jaina: My people command the most powerful navy in all of Azeroth.
Jaina: If I could bring Kul Tiras back into the Alliance...
Genn: Jaina, you're the reason they left the Alliance.
Jaina: And dealing with that is the only hope we have of bringing them back.
Anduin: I believe it is... and I believe you can.
Anduin: It will be difficult... and dangerous.
Jaina: I will return with the fleet... or not at all.
Anduin: Be careful, Jaina. Light be with you.

L'Alliance se met en route vers Kul Tiras.

L'Alliance se met en route vers Kul Tiras.

Prêt pour la guerre - Horde

  • La Horde tente une escarmouche à Kul Tiras.
  • Nathanos s'en va à Kul Tiras.

$n, your presence is required upon the Banshee's Wail. The Dark Lady has orders for us to begin our campaign on the shores of Kul Tiras.
My queen.
<Nathanos bows deeply.>
Is everything in order?
Yes, my lady. The Banshee's Wail is prepared to depart at a moment's notice.
Good. Work with $n to determine where we will secure a foothold first.
As you command, Warchief.
See it done, and dispatch reports of your progress to me.
We will not fail you. Safe journey, my lady.
<Sylvanas begins to depart, then hesitates and looks over her shoulder.>
Farewell, Nathanos.

Lilian Voss

  • Lilian Voss joue un rôle important dans la série de quêtes Horde "Prêt pour la guerre".
  • Il s'agit d'une réprouvée présente dans le jeu depuis Cataclysm.
  • Un Kul Tiran lui demande si il pourrait être relevé en réprouvé.
  • Lilian l'avertit sur les dangers et la malédiction que cela constitue.
  • Malgré tout, elle lui fait la promesse de le transformer.

Tidesage's wife: The Horde... are you here to take more from me? My husband is dying, I'm penniless... just leave my children be, please.
Lilian: All I want to know is where your husband, the tidesage, went. I promise no harm will come to any of you.
Tidesage's wife: <sniff> What does it matter... he went east, to the lookout, to die in peace, away from the children. Please, just leave us be.

Tidesage: <cough> The Horde. Here I thought I would... <cough>... die in peace. Well? What are you waiting for?
Lilian: $n is right, sort of. You won't get hurt if you help us, preferably before you die.
Tidesage: One of the Forsaken. I didn't think - <cough>. Tell me, miss...?
Lilian: Lilian Voss. I'm the one asking the questions. Can you track people? Objects?
Tidesage: Miss Voss. Did you retain any sicknesses, any diseases that you had in life when you were returned?
Lilian: Do not try my patience, or I'll make you wish your disease already killed you. I need to see how good your magic is before we go any further.
Tidesage: <cough> I... I will do what I can, Miss Voss. You want someone or something located, correct? Let me see...
Lilian: Good. Prove how useful you can be to the Horde and we'll see how much longer we let you live this life.
Tidesage: Is my family safe?
Lilian: They are safe. It is your choice how safe they stay.

Miss Voss, can you answer my question? When you become Forsaken, are you purged of any sicknesses?
Lilian: It's not exactly a science, becoming Forsaken. You might stay the same, become a completely different person... or maybe you might actually just die.
Tidesage: Ah... I assume you intend to make me Forsaken at the end of this ordeal, do you not? I heard what you did to Captain Stone.
Lilian: You're smart, Zelling. What are you after, asking all these questions about what it's like to be Forsaken?
Tidesage: A second chance for my family, Miss Voss.
Lilian: I do not like what you are insinuating, Zelling.
Lilian: No person should think of the Forsaken as a second chance for anything.

Lilian: I'm just covering my bases. Wouldn't look good if you're turned to a Forsaken and can't do the one thing we need you for.
Tidesage: You said it is possible to not survive the process? Or that I may change?
Lilian: Not only possible, it's likely. This isn't some cure all, Zelling, it's a curse. No one should want this.
Tidesage: Want is a strong word. It is something that... I am willing to endure, if only to help my family.
Tidesage: A family that will bring great suffering and retribution to any who would bring harm to us.

Lilian: Alright, Zelling. Do you understand, truly understand, what's about to happen?
Tidesage: Yes! Eternal life, granted to me at last, I am ready for it!
Lilian: It's time, Zelling. I'll make this quick.
Tidesage: <wheeze> There's no need to stain your blades. I'll only be a few more moments. Why don't we speak until then?
Lilian: Fine. I have something I want to know, anyway.
Lilian: Are you sure you want to do this? You know your family will think you're a monster, you'll never be able to see them.
Tidesage: Miss Voss, <cough> it was never about seeing them. It was about supporting them. I'll be sending any gold I earn to them... if I don't go crazy first.
Lilian: ... Your kids are lucky to have a father like you, Zelling.
Tidesage: So they were. <cough>Tell me what it's like, Miss Voss. Maybe to just soothe the nerves.
Lilian: Terrible. Those that don't shun you will never treat you the same again. You look in a mirror and all you'll see is a monster, something that isn't you.
Lilian: But... there is a bond in this curse, shared by all Forsaken. A bond that makes us family in this torment. A family that will never go away.
Unknown: Lilian, do what you must with Zelling.
Unknown: I won't take part in making this man Forsaken, you deal with it.
Lilian: $n, I'll deal with the body. You return to Nathanos, let him know everything is proceeding according to plan.

>Unknown: Lilian. He's gone. What do you intend to do?
Lilian: I made a promise to ask Sylvanas to bring him back. The Horde I believe in honors promises.
Unknown: As does the one I believe in. Until we meet again, Lilian Voss.

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  • 544 messages

Eh bien ça promet^^.
  • 732 messages

Il me semble qu'on connait l'existence de Tandred depuis un moment non ? D'ailleurs on le croyait mort...
  • 300 messages

Depuis environ 2013 on sait qui il est oui, mais à l'époque blizz à dit qu'il n'était pas important dans l'histoire.
  • 46 messages

No retreat, no surrender, we are spart... forsaken !
  • 10 messages

D'ailleurs, une petite erreur au paragraphe du départ de l'alliance pour Kul Tiras : "Genn explique que si la Horde s'allie aux Zanalaris, l'Alliance ne pourra plus rien." ;)
  • 489 messages

Je pense que l'inconnu qui parle avec lilian voss est un perso de l'alliance qui croit toujours en la horde
(ou pas ça pourrait être thrall le retour)
J'était pas prêt pour l'explosion de fossoyeuse ! XD

Bon bha rip les rêve de récupérer la ville en l'état pour l'Alliance .

On voit aussi que Talanji elle déconne zéro !

je suis hype aussi pour le frère de Jaina , on va enfin voir sa sale tronche là !

Puis sympa le coup du Kul'tiran qui veut devenir un undead avec lillian .
Et la phrase en mode " i belive in honore promises " c'est cool .

On comprend aussi pourquoi Sylvanas explique pas le plan à saurfang et baine , si ils avaient su qu'ils se battaient au dessus de tonnes d'explosif je pense pas que la bataille aurait été longue XD .
  • 950 messages

Je m'attendais plus à un gazage de la ville de la part de Sylvannas. Du coup je suppose qu'on peut pas l'occuper ^^.

Je pensais que seul Zul et Talanji avaient fui, à moins que ça ait changé.
  • 46 messages

En fait Sylvanas c'est Cersei Lannister ! =p

@Xeno :
Je pense que la ville est dynamitée et que les réservoirs de peste se libèrent alors, provoquant un gazage total dans un second temps et l'impossibilité de revenir sur place.
  • 4968 messages

Citation de OlethrosEn fait Sylvanas c'est Cersei Lannister ! =p

@Xeno :
Je pense que la ville est dynamitée et que les réservoirs de peste se libèrent alors, provoquant un gazage total dans un second temps et l'impossibilité de revenir sur place.

C'est tellement ça haha

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