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Battle for Azeroth : dialogues de l'incendie de Teldrassil dataminés [SPOILERS]

Mercredi 02 mai 2018 à 14h05, par


De nombreux nouveaux dialogues au sujet de l'incendie de Teldrassil ont été dataminés par Wowhead dans le du build 26522 Battle for Azeroth.

Nous en apprenons beaucoup plus sur le déroulement de l'assaut sur Teldrassil, les intentions de la Horde et le destin de Malfurion et Saurcroc. En effet, il semble que l'assaut victorieux de la Horde ne se déroule pas exactement comme prévu, laissant à l'Alliance la possibilité d'une attaque de grand envergure menant au siège de Lordaeron.

Découvrez les dialogues ainsi qu'un résumé à la suite de cet article. Attention, cet article contient des spoilers importants sur l'histoire de Battle for Azeroth.


Flotte de l'Alliance

  • La flotte de l'Alliance était en route vers Féralas.
  • Elle est rapatriée à Darnassus.
  • L'Alliance est prise par surprise et doit temporiser en attendant sa flotte.

The Great Sea was kind to them, Shan'do?
Yes child, and the light of Elune was there to guide them - she gave the druids the strength to conjure a great monsoon to put the winds in their sails.

Malfurion: The Banshee Queen has come to capture the World Tree.
Delaryn: And you, Shan'do?
Malfurion: Delaryn, travel to our outposts. Gather our soldiers and bring them here.
Malfurion:$n, I ask you to travel to travel to Darnassus.
Malfurion: Sylvanas wants me. And so, I will hold the line here. I have sent word to our fleet. Elune willing, they will return in time.

Attaque de la Horde

  • La Horde compte sur l'effet de surprise pour prendre l'avantage.
  • Malfurion élève un mur de feux follets pour contenir la Horde.
  • Saurcroc est envoyé trouver un passage à travers le Gangrebois pour contourner le mur.
  • La Horde ne se repose pas la nuit et continue l'assaut.
  • De l'azérite émerge de Sombrivage.
  • Saurcroc a trouvé un passage au niveau du village de Briselance.
  • La Horde continue sa progression.
La Horde doit faire face à une armée de feux follets

La Horde doit faire face à une armée de feux follets

Ouch! These damned wisps sting!
Where did all of these wisps come from?
Warchief, there is no safe passage through Felwood.
It seems the wisps are susceptible to distraction. We will exploit this weakness to get past them.
Saurfang, take a squad into Felwood. Seek a path over the mountain into Darkshore, but leave the siege weapons under my command.
Hmmm... Know many smugglers, Blightcaller?
I am not naive. There is little chance that Everlook receive all its cargo through legitimate means. Someone is using a hidden route through Felwood.
Most smugglers would prefer to avoid the attention of the High Overlord... but I believe I know of one who can be persuaded to assist us.
Then it is decided. Saurfang, you will leave at once.

I see that your are uneasy about this, $n. These ancients are being turned against even your kind, druid -- against their very purpose on this world.
Grant them the peace of release, or else our peoples' blood will coat these trees.
Sappers! Get your gear and follow me! Bring every shredder we've got.
Azerite. With this in our control all who would oppose the Horde will fall.
The Alliance! How quickly they respond...
That ship must have come from Darnassus which means...
Make quick work of this place, hero! Gather as much azerite as you can.
I have a "crow" to hunt.
Champions of the Horde, I require your aid at the Wildbend River! This is our chance for victory!
Our skirmish that the Wildbend River is a stalemate, and Malfurion knows it.
Now, we must stay the course.
I will continue to lead squads through the wall, and we will wait until we hear back from Saurfang.
In the meantime, we should do all that we can to keep the pressure on the Kaldorei.
We shall not afford them the luxury of a peaceful night's rest. This is war.

Azerite emerges amongst the ruins of Darkshore. We must not allow the Alliance to gather a single shard of it!
Very nice, champion. I will have the Azerite added to our reserves.
The kaldorei draw power from pendants made of moonstone. Do whatever you must to deprive them of these trinkets.
I will order our enchanters to infuse these moonstones with Azerite. Their power now serves the Horde!
The kaldorei use moonwells to replenish their strength in battle. Draw from the wells what you will, then... render them unusable. Am I understood?
The moonwell essence should serve you well in battle. Be sure to do the same to any wells the kaldorei consecrate in the future.
Alliance saboteurs have infiltrated our foothold! Flush them out! Make them bleed!
Our encampment is secure for now, but remain vigilant.
My dark rangers require your help, champion. Lend aid to any that you find!
Even with all their training, those dark rangers seem to have miscalculated their attacks. Perhaps Blightcaller should have words with them...
That cargo belongs to the Horde! Do not allow the Alliance to lay their hands upon it.
The weapons you reclaimed will prove useful to our war effort. Skillfully done.
We have some wind riders available to us. Gather our explosives and wreak havoc on that wisp wall. We will send a message to Malfurion.
They're not nearly as resilient as they appear, are they, champion? One by one, they fall.
The Alliance seeks to use siege weaponry against us? How quaint. Show them what the Horde's demolishers can do.
That was a lesson they won't soon forget.
Ever used an Azerite bomb before? Want to witness true power? Brace yourself for impact, champion. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
All right, that's enough. Let's save some for the grand finale.

That night elf commander is testing my patience. Break her.
Poor thing... she barely got a chance to swing.
Our army has Malfurion's soldiers on their heels! We must push further into Darkshore while we hold the advantage!
My faith in you was well-placed. The will of the kaldorei will soon crumble.
The kaldorei are deadliest in the dark. Jump into the fray and deal with them before night falls!
We struck a significant blow to their reserves, hero. Well done.
The Alliance scours Darkshore seeking to root out our footholds. We must not lose ground! Defend what is ours!
You fight with finesse and fervor. Such effort serves to inspire all my soldiers, champion.
It seems the kaldorei have mustered reinforcements. This one may prove to be a challenge. I expect victory.
I never doubted you for a moment.
Saurfang has crested the mountains between Darkshore and Felwood. Meet him at Shatterspear Vale and ensure that the passage he seeks is secure.
You were the right arrow for the shot, champion.
An elemental... of pure Azerite. Slay it, champion, but do not destroy it. Gather as much of its resin as you can!
I have never seen so much Azerite in one place. This both concerns and pleases me.

Défense de l'Alliance

  • L'objectif de l'Alliance est de tenir en attendant le retour de la flotte.
  • Malfurion tente de maintenir le mur de feux follets.
  • L'Alliance tente d'empêcher la Horde d'avancer, en vain.

The wisps before you are mere shells of who they once were. Warm them with your touch, champion. Give them peace.
The Horde waited until dawn to ambush us! Arm yourself and meet me in the fray!
My archers should be able to handle it from here. Your presence made all the difference, champion. You have my thanks.
The Horde already has Azerite weapons. Let's see if we can't confiscate some of them, shall we?
These will do just fine, hero. Your contribution today will not be overlooked.
Wars are won on the outcome of a thousand battles. Care to add another one to the list?
Well fought, hero. And with such fervor...
The Horde has established a foothold beyond the borders of Ashenvale. Rally the druids who watch over the forest!
Burn, baby... burn.
The Horde is trying to steal the essence from our moonwells! Do not allow their filth to desecrate our blessed springs!
Elune smiles upon you, hero. As do I.
It's time to fight fire with fire! We must rid the Horde of their demolishers and push them back to the desolate Barrens where they belong!
I must say... Nice aim, hero. My Sentinels could learn a thing or two from you.
Horde saboteurs have crept in among our ranks! Flush them out! Make them bleed as we have!
That appears to be the last of them.
I sense a disturbance in the north. Could it be? Has the Horde begun to attack us from over the mountains? Investigate, quickly!
I will send as many soldiers as I can muster to this site. Hopefully, they can fend off the assault. We can't afford a war on two fronts.
Ever used one of these before? Hold on tight, you're in for a surprise.
You eliminated the threat AND returned my siege weapon in one piece. You get extra credit for that.
My archers could use your help, champion. Lend your aid to any you may find!
Elune praise you, hero. You shine with the light of a star.
This one walks in shadow, hero. But none can hide from Elune's blessed moonlight. Put them down.
Balance has been restored. Anu'dorini talah!
That cargo is the property of the Alliance! Do not let the Horde take what is ours!
That was a noble act, hero.

The Horde have broken through! They're trying to establish a base! Push them back with your fey dragon!

La dispersion des feux follets

  • La Horde ne parvient pas à abattre les feux follets.
  • Pour disperser les feux follets, Sylvanas souhaite détourner l'attention de Malfurion.
  • En passant par les montagnes au Nord, la Horde prend Malfurion par surprise.
  • La diversion de la Horde porte ses fruits et le mur de feux follets se disperse.

Hmmm, these wisps were dispersing? Excellent. Our plan shows promise...
$n, we need to hold the kaldorei's attention while I devise a solution to our wisp problem.
A wall of wisps? Hmph. Nothing that our dark rangers and a few demolishers cannot overcome, my lady.
The scouting party I led to Malfurion underestimated the wisps. They paid the price for doing so.
We cannot destroy the wisps... not in numbers enough to matter. But we may be able to disperse them.
Interesting. The wisps respond to Malfurion's call. But what if more of the forest were to cry out for help?
Precisely what I was thinking. $n, would you be so kind as to test our theory?

Alliance: That sound... could it be...? Shan'do! The Horde are approaching from the North!
The wisps... they're confused -- the wall is failing!
It is only a matter of time before the Horde washes through here and attacks us from both sides.
Champion, Delaryn -- intercept them at Auberdine. I will investigate the north.
The North? How is this possible? They must have scaled the mountains of Felwood!

Malfurion et Sylvanas

  • Malfurion affronte Sylvanas.
  • Il parvient à l'aveugler et s'enfuir mais la Horde le poursuit.
  • Saurcroc rejoint Sylvanas pour l'assaut final sur Teldrassil.

Malfurion: Sylvanas! Your foul deeds will not desecrate this sacred place! Andu-falah-dor!
Sylvanas: Malfurion, how gracious of you to join us...
Sylvanas: Why, I would have never guessed that you would come to protect your precious trees.
Malfurion: Begone from here, witch! You are not worthy of this place!
Sylvanas: Damn! My eyes! Arg... it burns!
Sylvanas: Now where did you fly away to, little bird?

Saurfang: FOR THE HORDE!
Sylvanas: Saurfang! It's about time.

Sylvanas: Hero, look around you! Isn't it lovely? Do you see the wisps scattering?
Sylvanas: One by one, the wall comes crashing down.
Sylvanas: Now is our time, hero. The World Tree is ours for the taking! Find Saurfang we shall finish this once and for all.

Sauvetage de Malfurion

  • Dans les nouvelles de l'édition collector de Battle for Azeroth, Malfurion engage le combat contre Saurcroc.
  • Alors qu'il a le dessus, il est surpris et blessé par Sylvanas.
  • Malfurion est gravement blessé après avoir reçu un coup bas.
  • Sylvanas charge la personne ayant blessé Malfurion de l'achever.
  • Le personnage refuse de tuer Malfurion car il n'y a pas d'honneur à abattre le Druide.
  • La Horde laisse l'Alliance sauver Malfurion, contre la volonté de Sylvanas.
  • Il se pourrait que Saurcroc sauve Malfurion. En effet, il semble le plus attaché à l'honneur dans la Horde. Cependant, il ne s'agit que de spéculations.

The Warchief faces Stormrage alone! I must...
A dishonorable blow. I -- I am sorry.
Do not be. You did well.
I... did not mean to interfere.
I was having trouble finishing him. He was wasting my time.
Finish him and be done with it. Take a moment, if you'd like, and then take his head. I will meet you at the World Tree.

Malfurion... no!
You did not kill him. Why?
I struck without honor. I did not deserve to end him.
You spared Malfurion, so I will give you a choice. You can die trying to stop me from taking him away, or you can stay there, lying in the dirt, and live.
You have the same choice. You can take him back to Darnassus, and both of you will fall when we conquer it, or you can take him far away from here, and you will both live.
Come with me, champion. We must follow our Warchief to... victory.
Champion, this war is lost. Teldrassil will soon fall. I will tend to Malfurion's wounds, you must travel to Darnassus. Ensure that the takeover is... as peaceful as it can be.

Saurcroc et Malfurion en combat singulier lors de la bataille d'Astranaar

Saurcroc et Malfurion en combat singulier lors de la bataille d'Astranaar

Après la bataille

  • Après la bataille, un chef de la Horde résume la guerre et explique l'objectif n'est pas pleinement atteint.
  • L'objectif était d'attaquer Teldrassil pour tuer ses leaders d'un seul coup et empêcher l'Alliance de contre attaquer.
  • L'objectif n'est pas atteint. L'Alliance va s'en remettre en va lancer une puissante attaque.
  • Malfurion revient sur l'attaque et explique que la paix n'existera pas tant que Sylvanas est à la tête de la Horde.

When I sent you on this mission, I did not foresee this end.
Our strike on Teldrassil was meant to end a war before it began... to take an enemy's home and destroy their leaders in one stroke. To inflict a wound that would bleed the Alliance dry.
We have only partially succeeded. The Alliance will retaliate. They will come for us. For me. For you.
But they ARE bleeding. Their anger will make them weak, not strong, in the war to come.
Rest while you can. Prepare for the battles to come. I will have need of you.

This is a dark and bitter day.
My whole life, I have sought peace for this world. But that dream can never be achieved as long as Sylvanas Windrunner leads the Horde.
I thank you for your courage and great heart, Champion. For all you have done for the Alliance.
And I will tell you this. Sylvanas thinks to break us with this atrocity.
She is wrong. And she will fall.

Teldrassil est conquis par la Horde mais la bataille ne s'est pas déroulée comme prévu

Teldrassil est conquis par la Horde mais la bataille ne s'est pas déroulée comme prévu

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  • 25 messages

Comme toujours la horde a l'avantage!

  • 942 messages

Et comme d'habitude, la horde est dirigée par un méchant dont les intentions sont franchement moyennes.. Autant j'aime bien le côté "horde divisée" entre Saucroc et Sylvanas, autant cette dernière commence à me taper sur le système
  • 10 messages

Et voila la horde passe pour les méchant au final la théorie que N'zoth est la cause de l'incendie de Teldrassil ce casse totalement la gueule. GG Blizzard
  • 950 messages

Tiens ? Malfurion survis ?
Dommage ça aurait pu être intéressant pour le perso de Tyrande. Elle aurait pu voir sa personnalité un peu plus développée.
Qui ne se limiterait pas à un" Malfurion mon amour "comme à légion
  • 342 messages

Es qu'on pourais ce focaliser sur le point de la Horde a un moment ? ou même MONTRER les images de la campagne de la Horde en jeux ?
L'alliance a eu le droit aux sien et même la elle impose son point de vue avec une belle couche de Malfurion.
Es que pour une fois on peux voir ce qu'on en pense dans NOS rands !?
  • 197 messages

Il aurait pu crevé ! Nous, la Horde, avons perdus plusieurs dirigeants. Et l'Alliance seulement Varian. J'aimais bien Saurcroc, mais si c'est bien lui qui n'a pas voulu l'abattre je vais me faire un plaisir de le mettre sur ma liste noire.
  • 108 messages

Citation de OverwowComme toujours la horde a l'avantage!


Je crois que tu n'as pas bien lu.

Pour Elune !
Pour l'alliance !

  • 37 messages

Ok donc la horde est les USA. On fait des frappes préventives, pour éviter une guerre que nous allons déclencher.

Je comprends qu'une boite US peuvent voir ça comme "gris" et "une divergence de point de vue".
  • 922 messages

Soulagé de voir que Malfurion ne meurt pas. En revanche il est grand temps que Sylvanas laisse sa place, elle ne représente pas la Horde, elle ne représente qu'elle même dans sa sauvagerie et sa recherche de pouvoir ridicul.
  • 35 messages

Toujours rien sur l'incendie en lui même. Je suis vraiment curieux de savoir comment cet arbre monde a bien pu prendre feu.

Citation de ThoridinSoulagé de voir que Malfurion ne meurt pas. En revanche il est grand temps que Sylvanas laisse sa place, elle ne représente pas la Horde, elle ne représente qu'elle même dans sa sauvagerie et sa recherche de pouvoir ridicul.

Le problème a été évoqué plusieurs fois sur le forum histoire suite au Q/A. Les développeurs nous ont dit que la horde n'ait pas forcément méchante, idem pour sylvanas. le problème étant que le côté "méchant/vilain/barbare" de l'alliance existe mais n'a jamais été développé in game. Encore une fois on ne nous montre que le point de vue de l'alliance, (et de saurcroc). Encore une fois c'est la horde qui relance les hostilités. (malgré que l'alliance assassine les gobelins à silithus et envoie son armadas sur place, mais ça tout le monde s'en fou, les gobelins ne sont que des gobelins, alors que les elfes de la nuit c'est horrible, ils sont si beau et gentil.)
Le comportement de Sylvanas n'est pas un problème, et je ne pense pas qu'elle deviendra un Garrosh bis, le problème vient, comme d'habitude, du peu d'information qu'on nous donne.
Il y a une vrai contradiction entres le discours des développeurs lors du Q/A et les éléments que l'on nous montre suite au datamining

Il y a aussi le problème du recule que l'on peut avoir nous en tant que joueurs. Il ne faut pas oublier que le monde de Warcraft est un monde sombre, où nos personnages ont très souvent commis des massacres avec des moyens tout aussi moralement discutable que la peste. (Quand vous massacrez des villages entiers de bestiols, d'humain ou d'êtres vivants à grand coup d'immolation, d'éviscération et de magie arcanique, c'est pas non plus bof bof, vous me direz où se trouve l'honneur)
La guerre et la violence sont quelques choses de normal dans le monde de warcraft, ce qui n'est pas le cas dans la réalité.

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